MajandraMusicMania News – Calling All M Campers

Thanks to Sheila for this :)

Hey MajandraMusicMania Fans

So its been awhile but we fans have held in!. A lot of stuff has been going on with “Majandra’s” upcoming CD.

The final vocals were laid down and some really fantistic pictures were taken from the event, that will later be posted at the “MajandraMusicMania” fansite.

“Majandra” & producers know how patient we have been and are highly grateful for our loyalty and support. For we know good things come to those who wait.

MajandraMusic Fans Rock!!!
MajandraMusicMania :)

MajandraMusic M Camper’s

MajandraMusicMania Club would like it if all of the M Campers join the club. So that it might be convenient to let you all know the latest news on “Majandra” music FIRST!!!

Thank You

MajandraMusic Rocks!!!