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Sci Fi Wire: Roswell’s Isabel Transforms

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From Sci Fi Wire:

Updated 3:11am ET on 20-July-2001

9:00am ET, 20-July-01

Roswell’s Isabel Transforms

Katherine Heigl, who plays teen alien Isabel Evans on Roswell, told SCI FI Wire that her character will sport a new do and a new attitude in the show’s upcoming third season, when it moves to UPN from The WB. Heigl cut her familiar long, blonde hair and dyed it brown–a change she made for an audition over the summer.

“I actually did it for a role that fell through … [that] called for a more sophisticated look,” Heigl said in an interview. She added that she had been lobbying The WB to let her shear her locks for a while, but that the network–possibly nervous after Felicity star Keri Russell’s famous hair change–wouldn’t have it. When word came of the move to UPN, she said, “I just went for it. I’ve been wanting to cut my hair forever! I just think it looks better. I’m a better brunette than blonde, I think.”

Apart from her looks, Heigl said she’s looking forward to the new season because of the changes planned for Isabel. Among other things, producers will give Isabel a new love interest that may lead to marriage. “It’s been a tough couple of years, because I think there hasn’t been a lot of development for her,” Heigl said. “It’s been sort of confusing what to do with her, because there wasn’t that love interest, there wasn’t that connection. It was hard to find where she fit in, because they had created her as this vulnerable, yet aloof, character, and it was hard to find her place. But hopefully, this season will be it.” Heigl also looks forward to moving Isabel away from the perfect daughter, sister and friend. “I think we’re stepping away from that a little bit. I think she rebels a little bit. And she says, ‘I’m living my life my way. You can’t tell me what to do, no matter what you think. And I appreciate your love and support, but back off.’ … This season is going to be a lot of fun for me. I’m really excited about it. The opportunity to develop a different side of Isabel, a more flirty and fun-loving and joyous side. She’s been so afraid and so vulnerable and just not really truly living her life for all this time. And I think this season is the opportunity for her to branch out, to find her roots.” Roswell debuts on UPN on Oct. 16.