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“TV Guide” Returning Favorites issue, Sept 8-14, 2001, p. 28

Tuesday, ROSWELL

Starts: October 9

Where we left off: Max (Jason Behr, below) and Liz (Shiri Appleby) were reunited as Tess (Emilie de Ravin) took off for the stars. But Tess left hermark: She seduced Max into impregnating her. Oh, and she killed Alex (Colin Hanks).

What’s new: Show creator Jason Katims promises that the sci-fi show’s third season will be less convoluted than last year. “The serialized nature tended to get really complicated,” he says, a comment that might be an understatement to legions of first-season fans alienated by the show’s later entanglements. Now following UPN’s newcomer “Buffy The Vampire Slayer,” the show has a chance to rekindle interest with what Katims calls, “relatable human stores with the twist that ‘Roswell’ brings to them.” For starters, Isabel (Katherine Heigl) finds a love interest, and Michael (Brendan Fehr) gets a new job.

Kids these days!: Max is on a quest to find his child, taking him out of Roswell and on the road. The season premiere will have Max and Liz arrested for breaking into a convenience store.

Who’s in: The parents of Max and Liz (Garret M. Brown, Mary Ellen Trainor, John Doe and Jo Anderson) will reenter the series in beefier roles. “One thing we haven’t played is the family drama,” Katims says. And viewers haven’t seen the last of Alex. Let’s just say the character takes on a rather spirited persona.

Matt [Rousch] says: Oh, boy, another TV ghost. That’s original. Much as we’d like to see the show return to its romantic angst origins, regaining momentum will be tough against WB’s Superboy series “Smallville” and Fox’s highly touted thriller “24.”

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I don’t know if this has been mentioned yet, but I was flipping through some magazines and found some roswell related stuff. First in YM, there was a top ten list and number 4 was “UPN, the network has gone from being totally lame to having mad game by stealing Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Roswell away from the WB for it’s fall linup.”

In Teen People there was an article called prime time players that gave some hints about what to expect on t.v. shows in the fall. Here’s what it said (spoilers)

“Roswell: As this aliens-among-us drama ended its WB ‘Invasion’, Max set the scene for a new season on a new network by grimly announcing, ‘I have to save my son’. His desperation makes him reckless, which creates friction with human soul mate Liz. Most suprising, is Michael who finally settles down and gets a job at a new pharmaceutical research company – one that’s shielding dark interests – while girlfriend Maria jumpstarts her musical career. Recent high school graduate Isabell hides her extraterrestrial origins from a new man and marries him, only to be distracted by an admirer from her past. FYI: Troublemaker alien Tess is history – for now.

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on page 145 of the October issue of seventeen there is an ad for Roswell on UPN!! it has brendan, jason, shiri and katie.

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Hi i just wanted to tell you that there is an article on Roswell in the new Teen People that has some spoilers but its cool.

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I have a magazine update on Roswell… it’s featured in the new teen people magazine on the fall updates for tv shows on page 83. It tells us that there is friction between Max and Liz, and Michael gets a new job at a pharmaceutical place. Also that Isabel marries a new man but is distracted from an admirer from her past. There is a picture of Michael, Isabel, Max, and Liz. Thats it!