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Majandra answers Fan Questions

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TeflonCandygirl- What’s a weird smell that you love? You know how some people like the smell of gasoline or white-out, or like markers and stuff? What’s one that you love?

Majandra- Wierd smells I like: I would have to say the smell of Hello Kitty erasers and any of their plastic stuff.

star2112- Hey Majandra, I think I read somewhere that one of your obsessions was makeup! So I was wondering, what’s your favorite brand? While I’m at it, what’s your favorite line of clothing? Thanks! Aubrey

Majandra- Make-Up: I was quoted saying I was obsessed with make-up and then I was also quoted saying that I was a tomboy and never wore makup. Well I am a tomboy who has to wear make up sometimes. And on that sometimes me being the picky person that I am I do have my choices. I would say that Shiseido and NARS and prescriptives are my most used brands.

CandyGrlJosie- I’m in the mood to post a dumb question, so…what’s your favorite kind of Pop Tart? assuming you like pop tarts, of course.

Majandra- POP Tarts: Dont eat breakfast foods. Whats my favorite kind of steak sauce Thats another question!

MajFehrFan- Majandra, I just wanted to say I am very sad to hear that you won’t be on the show much. You’re one of the reasons I watch.But hmm, a question, okay I’m that guy from the actors’ studio, what’s your favorite word? least favorite?By the way if your ever in the Monterey Bay and you want aquarium passes, I can hook you up. I’m a member. Much Love.

Majandra-Favorite Word: Right now it’s Chupacabra. its a joke between me and my best friend Paul. least favorite word is Neat and Okee do kee and other condescending terms such as those.

L0viNkaRe- What’s the weirdest dream you’ve ever had, or memorable dream?

Majandra- Most memorable Dream: I would say its a dream where I am floating in ta vast dark body of water with no land in sight in pitch darkness and a huge and frightening pink and white Luck dragon type thing comes and saves me. I also fly alot in dreams, almost every night.

Carisma- what’s your favorite cartoon movie?

Majandra- FAvorite Cartoon movie: The Last Unicorn and and The Nightmare before Christmas

Austen Tayshus- Favourite Book and Fav. author? Favorite Book and Favorite Author:

Majandra- Favorite Book and Favorite Author: Book-Prozac Nation and The Neon Bible Author: Anne Rice and C.S. Lewis

Majandra_girl-13- OK, you said taht you were a big Kevin Smith Fan, so which of his Movies do you like the most?I’m a dogma girl myself..

Majandra- Kevin Smith Movie: I loved mallrats actually and have seen Jay and Silent bob strike back 3 times already.

luxcious- Majandra, was your scene in Traffic improvised or scripted? The conversation leading up to where the guy ODs almost seems improvised. It’s awesome that you landed that role by the way.

Majandra- Traffic: The scene was scripted and some improvisation.

liaso- Do you ever get to keep any of the costumes/outfits you wear from promo shots or on the show?

Majandra- Costumes on the Show: We get to keep them at the end of the year by then Im like “uh… no thanks” maria is a little too colorful for me, this year however there are a couple of things here and there.

ballyhoo- What has been your favorite part you’ve ever played?Okay, so I lied, I have another…..Apart from the fact that you won’t be a part of the show as much as we want (which is simply tragic ) do you think this season is shaping up to be better than Season 2 and why?

Majandra- Favorite Part: I would have to say Natalie on The Secret Life of Girls because she was dorky and a chracter and actually a true story so It was fun and personal and different from the usual teen romantic hoohah.

Postman- I would like to ask that are you going to sing any song at Roswell this season?? And if you do are they going to be your own songs??

Majandra- Do I sing songs this year: Yes. I will be singing 2 songs written by my lovely producers Anthony and Art of Sci-Fi Lullaby and IN the episode one of MY songs will be featured totally apart from my character. All the songs are beautiful though.

mashinka- Have you ever been in Europe? If I say Sweden, what do you think of first?

Majandra- Europe and Sweden: I have been to both and have loved both very much. Sweden had very beautiful people it was exciting, the friggin gas attendant was a 6 foot tall model with a beautiful face! I stayed at a chateu and had a blast with my crazy family.

Parker22- What has been your fondest memory of filming Roswell, so far?

Majandra- Fondest memory of Roswell: I would say working with jonathan Frakes. He’s awesome and funny and just the coolest man in town.

sparklymoon- Have you ever been to bayside in Miami? I lived there and went ever weekend not that u care and allHave you ever meet chris rock? Who is the nicest movie star you have ever met? Is it fun going to movies before they came out? What is it like working w/ brendan?

Majandra- Bayside in MIami: Oh yes have I been. That used to be the place I would hang out in during my middle school years. moms would drop us off and pick us up 2 hours later or whatever. It was so damn cool at that age. Hehe. Micheal Douglas was the nicest movie star I ever met, he was polite and very sophisticated (something hollywood doesnt have alot of) here we have a lot of Trash pretending to be Sophisticated and Rich brats like me rebeling and stuff. He was blue blood carrying on the tradition. Oh yes and working with Brendan is fun.

Lot_53- Now that your new album is going to be release soon, are you planning to do some concerts or what??

Majandra- Album Concerts: Yes I will be playing some gigs when my CD comes out.

SilverSilhouett- Do you have any funny behind-the-scenes stories from filming on set so far this season? Obviously without giving anything away, hehe

Majandra- Funny Behind the Scene stories: Yes. Shiri and I probe people’s butts during takes. She does it to me so much that I am pro at keeping a straight face for whatver the scene requires. And you guys thought it was a drama? hehe. Everyone’s pretty used to it by now although it does drive the men insane, it feels like shower time at the locker for them I guess

IrishSmurf- could you teach Katherine Heigl how to sign her board!!!!!? Heeehee, just I’m always on that board and they are trying to get her to sign

Majandra- Teachings of How to sign on: Everyone at work knows how to use there computers and sign on to the boards, so there is nothing for me to do there, sorry.

minifestgrrl- Are you going to see Bjork in concert?

Majandra- Bjork: I saw her in concert on Monday night. It was awesome. She just blows my mind and was with me throughout all of my childhood chaos so it means too much to me.

Icestorm- Will we see you in any more movies any time soon?

Majandra- Upcoming Movies: Not any coming out just the CD on my website.

RoswellRules90- * * For my question now, at school who did you hang around with, popular, middle or as people call them smarts @sses? * *

Majandra- School crowd: I was blessed with going to an artsy school where creativity was all around me. So I hung out with the kids in my major which was music and theatre.

roswe::ian- 1. You and Brendan seem to be really close friends. So what is it like to work with him on the set? 2. I don’t know if you’ve already answered this, but what is your favourite song? 3. This is kind of a personal question, so feel free not to bother answering if it is, but I was wondering: who are the closest friends off set on the show? 4. Do you write poetry as well as songs? I’m a writer, and reading your songs it seems like you would have a talent in writing poetry as well.

Majandra- Brendan and me: Ahh so old by now no?
Favorite Song: Right now its “I will” by the Beatles
Closest Friends on the Show: Well since we work together we all try to remain social with eachother but everyone is so different. Shiri is social and hangs with more surfer/party kids and brendan is a video game home body type of person and Jason and Katie do there own thing and I am obsessed with music so I hang out with my music kids all of the time. Nick is beautifully poetic and sweet and hangs out with Brendan and I, but all in all I would say that I hang out the most with brendan.

Little twinkle- What’s your favorite child story when you were younger or still is your favorite, what I mean is like Little Red Riding Hood or The Three Little Pig, etc….?

Majandra- Favorite Child Story: sleeping beauty

nagem09- Just wondering if you ever watch yourself on Roswell when it airs ? Also, do you enjoy when fans approach you in public or is it more of an annoyance ?

Majandra- Watching the Show: I watch it if I can when it airs, yes
Fans Approaching me: Fans never recognize me so it’s nothing I have to think about. When they do It’s cool, I like it, I better right?

GoddessKrissy- Okay, what do you think of your sisters Marieh’s new show all about us?
And would you consider guest starring on her show? And would she like to guest star on Roswell? And what do you think of Brendan’s family?

Majandra- My Sis’s show: I think its down right cute. It got cancelled but I would have definitely done a guest star if they were ever interested.
Brendan’s Family: They are very nice, the apple did not fall far from the tree. he has a mother I would love to have had.

Raelynn- I didn’t browse through this thread yet, but I would love to know what Majandra’s biggest fear is. Mine is bee’s (ick!).

Majandra- Biggest Biggest Fear: Losing someone very very close to me

SapphireKiss- do you think you’ll be touring in Canada if you have time? Say, Montreal? (Pretty please?)

Majandra- Touring In Canada: I dont see why I wouldnt if I ever tour. I LOVE canada and constantly look for excuses to move there.

ericag1- What I want to know girlfriend is when are you coming out here to New York and do some appearances or some autograph signings? At the FF party I was real close to talk to you but I didnt want to bother you while you and Brendan were talking to some of the other fans..

Majandra- Erica in NY: My Love I am DYING to go to New York, its only my FAVORITE friggin place in the world! Whenever I do get the opportunity you know im there girl! We need to finally talk to eachother for cryin out loud!

BrendansGurl002- Hey how’s it going? I am fine. What are your top 10 fave songs? Whos better Nsync or BSB? By the way I like you character you have inspired me in alot of ways.

Majandra- Top 10 (well 11) Fav Songs (not in order):
Fumbling towards ecstasy-Sarah mclaughlin
Accross the Universe-The beatles
I will_The beatles
Hyper Ballad-bjork
Northern lad-Tori Amos
Planet Caravan-Black Sabath
Little Suicides-Golden Palominos
Who is Better NSync or BSB: Are either of them any good?

maite- hi i’m maite from chile in latinamerica..and i would like to now if you ever thought about all the fame that is in your life rightnow, and if your happy wiht your friends in roswell…..please come to chile some day because we love you!!!!

Majandra- Chile: I would love to visit. One day I promise.

Karmic Lullaby- Maj, do you have any favorite quotes, from movies or otherwise? And I have no clue if you’ve been asked this before on the thread or answered it but what the hell lol..Do you have any favorite actresses/actors? I’ve heard you like Helena Bonham Carter…I have no clue if that’s true or not, but besides that (if it’s true) any other actors/actresses you enjoy watching onscreen/think have talent?

Majandra-Favorite Quotes (off the top of my head): Your booty might be bigger but I still can pull your nigger but I dont want it-Erykah Bady (by the way no Jumping all over me for that one SHE wrote it..and I love it)
Open the door for me richard, Dont close the door on me Dick- I dont know who
I am not a pretty girl, that is not what I do-Ani

RoswellRookie3- How WAS the recording process? Long, short, easy, hard, tiring, fun???

Majandra-Recording Process-It was long, drawn out because of the show and downright the best time ever come to think of it.

CrazyMunchkin- Do you ever have the urge to go to college? and if u are in a night-school college what field do u want to achieve on?? Like what your profession you would like to have after u retire of acting (which I think will be a long time) A lot of youngster actors/singers are still in college, or do u even want to go?? Well I hope u do NOT turn away from my q: see ya

Majandra-College: I would like to go someday when things slow down which Im sure they will. I would like to study something in medicine or the study of DNA. I love math and science

elendir- Do you want to come in France to play in a french film ?? do you know some french realisator ?? and finaly do you love french food ??? ;-)

Majandra-France: I love france, I would definitely consider doing a french fil if it was good of course and I love french food as well.

ericag1- Question for you Majandra: if you had the chance to do a duet with and R&B artist whether they are new school or old who would it be? and do you listen to rap and if so who?

Majandra- Duet with R&B artist: I love alot of Rap but a duet would be strange.

star_one- you’re a great sport for answering our questions. I’m upset to hear you will be getting the shaft this season. Was this the networks decision or JK/writers?? You don’t deserve this treatment and i hope they change their minds soon.!!!Are you real friends with Shiri?? or is she just someone to talk to on set.?

Majandra-Shiri: I am real friends with shiri, by no means are we unreal friends. unfortunatly I am not as social as her so I stay home alot while she enjoys the night life a little more.

Nimue- There was a topic before about what book we would like to see made into a movie and which character from that book we like to see you play. So, I now pose the question to you. What book would you like so see made into a movie you could be in? And what character from that book would you most love to play?

Majandra-Book into a Movie: I would love to see “The witching hour” be made into a movie (anne rice) and I would be content playing any part in it as long as I got to be in it period.

HurricaneDeLuca- Umm were you and Marieh always thisclose? Because when you see you guys in photos at events or when you did that E! swimsuit thing you guys are all nice and buddy-buddy.
Was there ever a time,maybe when you were young when you just wanted to hurt her?? I hope you understand what I’m asking (because I’m not sure at this point ) Umm and who’s the fakest celebrity you’ve ever met? (if any) What was your favorite cartoon when you were young? (or now if you still watch cartoons.)

Majandra- Me and My Sis- Growin up she tortured me and I hid and played piano and was afraid of her. We became close when I turned 16. Suddenly she was cool with me so I was like “…okay!” and thats basically it. As for whether I ever wanted to hurt her? No but I know she wasnted to hurt me!!! But thats what having an older sis is all about isnt it?

TiFfAnYiEe- Have you ever read Ishmael? i don’t know why i’m compelled to ask this question…but it was just such a good, eye-opening book to me. lol. I just couldn’t believe i hadn’t even heard of that book until my environmental class. I would think it would be rather controversial…

Majandra-Ishmeal: No I have never read it but am now interested. thanks

Thanks for playing. Ill be back soon.