Small Around The World Update

Time for another around the world update, don’t ya think? :)


Thanks to Barbara for this :)

BBC2 (terrestrial) has been screening Series 2 at 6.45pm on Tuesdays.
After the showing of episode “Harvest” yesterday, they announced that “Roswell” was to be shown at the much less prestigious time slot of 12.15pm Sundays.
The Sky coverage matches the US Series 3 schedules…but for fans without satellite, the new time slot will attract much less attention……Grrrr

Should get started on the media marketing in the UK….I’ve volunteered, but not too sure where to start !!!


Thanks to Ann for this :)

This is what I read on :
I just wanted to tell you that we got season three! We were able to convince
Pro7! I still can’t believe it!!!! :) :) :) :)

This is one of the most wonderful days!!!!!!!!


Thanks to PS for this :)

Ok heres what i saw on TV ad last night, ROSWELL is returning to NZ TV2, but
it says “back to episode 1”, and all the video clip it plays are from season
one, so I assume that NZ TV2 is going to replay ROSWELL season one from this
Friday 26th 8:30pm!! kiwis don’t miss it!! =)

Thanks to Louise for this :)

I bought the latest copy of the New Zealand TV guide on Friday (12 October) and to my suprise and delight TV2 are showing “Roswell’s” pilot and “the morning after” on friday the 26th of October, at 8.30pm BACK TO BACK!!! At this stage I think that it’s a filler for friday night but who knows they may end up showing season one in it’s entirity again to wet our apetite for season three – lets hope so!!!

Thanks to Jenn for this :)

TV2 has decided to started showing reruns of Roswell from October 26. On the first night they are showing the pilot and the second episode back to back, it starts at 8:30 pm on tv2.

They are going to be showing re-runs until Season 3 is available to be shown in New Zealand, according to their website.

Thanks to Lisa-Maree for this :)

Hey all New Zealand Roswellians
Just thought I’d let yall know that Roswell Season One is being Re-screened on TV2 starting Friday 26th October due to popular demand by the NZ public. The first screening is a two part starter with The Pilot followed by the Morning After.