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Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey Now On DVD

For anyone who doesn’t know yet, Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey which William Sadler starred as the Grim Reaper is now out on DVD. I picked it up a few weeks ago from my store and watched it today. There is a Behind The Scenes mini featurette and there is a brief segment talking about the character of “Death” Here is the little synposis and quotes from Death (ala WS)

Keanu Reeves and Alex Winters (Bill and Ted) are discussing the plot of the movie and they show the actual filming of the scene when they meet the Grim Reaper for the first time and he tells them they can challenge him to a game.

They then show scenes from the movie of them playing Battleship (“You sank my battleship”)(“Best Two Out Of Three” “Dide, Colonel Mustard Did It In The Study With The Candlestick” “Sorry, Death, you lose. It Was Professor Plum.”)

WS as Death (in costume walking away from the set): “So I lost, so what? It happens to everybody.”

Keanu and Alex talk about how insecure Death is.

WS as Death (in costume walking away from the set): I’m just a guy with a job to do, like working in a shoe store or something.

Bill and Ted - DVD cover

(The rest of the quote got mangled on my tape recorder–will get the rest for tomorrow..)