Spoiler Info From An Extra On Upcoming Episode

Thanks to for this who adds “also it is the last episode of roswell ever. period. unless there is another outpouring of viewer support and ratings boost, says one of the crew. so start ur petitions or what-not. other-wise kiss our nice little series bye bye. :(”

Worked on the last episode EVER of Roswell #318 (i think it’s called Graduation).

filming dates this past Tuesday and Wed . Location Rose High School (Pasadena)

Off camera: Jason and Katherine, very lovey dovey. PDA all over the place.

On Camera: minor spoilers (major next): During the graduation scene there’s awards given to two extras (a black guy and a white girl) the principal then speaks and introduces the guest speaker (Brice something, an author of sci-fi). he gets up and starts speaking about the coralatiosn between high school students and aliens. Max then walks on stage, tells the author to buzz off, shows him some magic and the dude takes off. Max then speaks to the graduating class of 2002. Thanking the community for letting him live with them Max semi-admits he’s alien and talks a little (during which Liz, Maria and Kyle take off from sitting. then Isabel.) more before Micheal (stunt guy the entire time) rides in on a motorcycle and takes Max away from the government snipers that infiltrate the graduation ceremony. End Scene.

In Detail (not word for word): Start with the extras getting their awards

Principal: Congrats! We’d like to congratulate the graduating class of 2002 from Roswell High and offer some words of wisdom before we say goodbye, so please welcome our special guest speaker author Brice ??????

Brice: Thank you. I deal with science fiction and write about aliens, which we all know is fiction. however there are many simmilarities between aliens and humans, especially in high school (stupid joke, some laughter). Both need to believe in the impossible…

Max: Hi, I’m max Evans and I’d like to take this oppurtunity to say somethings on behalf of myself and the graduates (at this point he takes his right hand to the right side of the podium, shakes it and the lights dim with a spotlight on him.) It’s a little dramatic, I know. But this is graduation. There are some of us here today that are here to walk across this stage and pick up are well deserved diplomas we’ve worked so hard for, in fact, most of us are. but there are some of us here for a different reason, to say good-bye. see, I’m part of this member of these outsiders, a group of aliens.. and we’ve always been there for eachother but tonight, we’re going to go 4 seperate ways. I know most of you don’t understand. and that’s okay. those that need to understand, do. (at this point Liz, Kyle and Maria split) I know what I need to do and some of you may not like it, some of you are probably terrified, but that’s not my problem, I need to be me. but I want to thank you, Roswell. Thank you for being there for me, Thank you for giving me a family. Thank you for giving me a home.
At this point the fbi storms the auditorium and “micheal” rides in down the aisle up the stairs and onto the stage, Max hops on board and the exit the oposite side of the stage.

brief notes: All the cast and crew were really nice, I think they’re happy to be done with Roswell. Shiri (jokingly) : “I’ve been waiting years for this”, off camera. No tears were shed. the group seemed closer then they ever have before…. some of the ways they shot the scene confused me but I’m no expert.

I know it’s the enemy but please watch AS IF on April 2nd for some good sex. :D