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A very special message from Jason Katims to the Fans

To the Fans of Roswell:

At some point during the first season, when I was dazed and confused from attempting to get a show off the ground and didn’t think I was doing very much right, I was made aware of this group of internet savvy viewers who had become fans of the show.

From that moment on, we (the writers, producers, cast and crew) were no longer alone. No matter how insignificant we seemed in terms of the Nielson ratings, we had a core group of people who were with us no matter what. Sort of like a family.

And sure enough when the show looked like it was going down, much like a family, you had our back. Tabasco bottles began to pour into the offices of the WB, and a year later to UPN. You did something remarkable. You kept this show alive.

Along the way you’ve done other remarkable things. You’ve raised thousands of dollars for a variety of charities. You’ve formed friendships among yourselves despite the thousands of miles that separate you. And over the past three years some of us have had the good fortune to meet some of you. You are all truly extraordinary.

Finally, and sadly, our wonderful, odd, heartfelt, and always ratings-challenged show is coming to an end. When I say “our” show, I mean ours. It is something we have all shared for the past three years.

So thank you. Thank you for watching. For being so passionate. For acknowledging the things you liked and for having mercy on us for the things you didn’t like. (Okay, so not everyone showed mercy. You don’t have to all be saints for God’s sake.) Most of all thank you for letting us know we were not alone.

I hope if one day in the future I have another show on the air, you will give it a chance. I know I’d be lucky to have you in my court.

Until then I remain

Yours truly,

Jason Katims