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X-Pose: Behr Essentials

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From X-Pose issue #47

Behr Essentials

I’m sure many of you are very happy to learn that Roswell is coming back for another year, but are you as happy as teen-hunk Jason Behr? “It feels great. It feels wonderful.” Behr told CNN. “We still have a lot more story to tell. There is still a lot left with where we can go with the three aliens and the relationship.”

The series, which performed reasonably well last season, is set for a bit of revamp before it reappears on our TV screens later this year. For instance, a new kid on the block has been brought in to spruce things up a little.

“There’s something very endearing about [the characters] and the show itself,” said new Roswell head honcho Ronald D Moore, ex of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, “and I’m really starting to enjoy myself as we work on season two.”

At present Moore’s position isn’t exactly clear, as previously the role of main on the series has been series creator Jason Katims.