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From Feb. “Seventeen”

Fehr Grounds by Dina Sansing
We get to hang out at the Ex- Roswell star’s pad, and find out he’s a motorcycle- riding, Metallica-loving hockey fan.

Toys “R” Him
“Welcome,” says Brendan Fehr, as he opens the door to his one-bedroom Los Angeles apartment. He’s looking James Dean-cool in a black tank, jeans and two-day-old stubble. It’s not often that I get invited to— OK, it’s my first time– in a sexy actor’s home, and I’m dying to see how Brendan lives. After I step over his Hello Kitty welcome mat (a gift for his niece that never made it to her), I quickly discover that this former Roswell guy really likes his toys. There’s an XBOX in the living room (hockey games are his fave), a drum set in the corner, and a guitar leaning up againist the wall and tons of Metallica memorabilia everywhere (he’s a huge fan).
“Having a little extra money just makes you buy more stuff. It’s still the same crap, though,” laughs the Vancouver, British Columbia, native. “Instead of the $25 hockey stick, you buy the $ 39 hockey stick; instead of buying one CD, you buy two or three,” he says. I covertly note that while his place isn’t immaculate, it’s pretty darn clean for a single guy. For the record: There are no dishes in the sink, his bed is made and his closet (I peeked) is organized. Mom would be proud.

Biker Boy
Nevertheless, Brendan clearly isn’t spending his days watching Martha Stewart Living for housekeeping tips. Though the 25-year-old has been MIA since ending his run as alien Michael Guerin on The WB’s cult hit Roswell, this month he’s all over the big screen in the action flick Biker Boyz (also starring Orlando Jones, Lawrence Fishburne and Kid Rock). The movie is about a group of guys who work white-collar jobs by day but wear leather and race motorcycles by night—sort of The Fast and The Furious set on bikes. In the flick, Brendan plays Stunt Man, a rider known for not wearing a helment when racing (yeah, real smart).
Brendan learned how to ride for the film, but not without some bumps and brusies. “I wiped out once while filming. My bike shot out from under me. I slid off and then watched it flip down the drag strip,” he says. That close call didn’t scare him off. “I’ve broken my wrist, dislocated my kneecap, broken my collarbone twice and gotten lots of stitches from playing sport,” says the fearless——–and accident prone——-star. He still tries to ride everyday and keeps his red- and- gray Honda RCSI parked just a few steps from his front door.

Just An Average Guy?
Alot has changed for Brendan since he moved to Hollywood four years ago to pursue an acting career. But dispite the fact that he’s in showbiz, the actor tries to live as normal a life as possible. He’s still tight with his old buddies (“I don’t much like other actors”) and tries to stick to traditional values (his family is Mennonite, kind of like the Amish). That plan hasn’t entirely worked. “I think I’m a worse person now then I was when I moved here,” he says plopping down on his brown leather couch.
“I’ve changed my views on some things. For example, I didn’t use to swear. I really don’t like it, and I wouldn’t want my kids doing it. Still I find myself thinking, So you let one out, who cares? The boundaries are getting bigger.” Not too big though. “I hate drugs. If you do them, you’re dumb, plain and simple.”
Considering that Brendan is so clean-cut, I kid of wonder if he’s gonna stick with Hollywood. It turns out he sometimes, wonders, too: “I think a lot about just going back to school and becoming a math teacher,” Brendan says, “living in a little house, with a little yard, and never having to say to someone, ‘I need to call my agent.’ I feel so obnoxious when those words come out of my mouth.”

Wanted: Down- To- Earth Girlfriend
One thing is for sure: Brendan wants his future to include a cool girl. The single guy has been on the lookout since breaking up with his longtime girlfriend and Roswell costar Majandra Delfino (the two are still friends and share custody of their two Pekingese). “Since I was 12, I thought I’d be married by 23,” he says. “The plan was to be together for four or five years and then have kids at 28 or 29 years old. That didn’t work out. You adjust.” Entertainment types need not apply for the GF postion. “I decided recently that I’d like to find someone who works at Ralph’s Supermarket and takes night classes at community college,” says Brendan. “I want someone who appreciates having to earn her money. That way she’ll be organized, disciplined and not afraid to work hard for what she wants.” It probably wouldn’t hurt if she could recite some Metallica lyrics, too.