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Shiri Appleby lands a role in a new ABC series

This was also confirmed by people I spoke with at the first screening of Shiri’s movie “Everything You Want” all of whom where excited for her.


Young Actors Get a ‘Life’ in ABC Drama
LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – Rachel Blanchard (news), Jacob Pitts and Shiri Appleby (news) have been cast in “1/4life,” a new ABC ensemble drama from the creators of “thirtysomething.”

The drama, revolving around seven twentysomething friends who live under the same roof, examines the period of transition that comes after a person graduates from college and has to come to grips with life in the real world.

Blanchard, Pitts and Appleby, along with Merritt Wever and newcomer Regggie Austin, will play five of the seven friends.

Executive producers Marshall Herskovitz and Ed Zwick wrote the script. Herskovitz is also on board to direct.

Blanchard co-starred on the WB Network’s drama “7th Heaven” for two years and played the lead in “Clueless” the series. She was most recently in theaters with “Without a Paddle.”

Pitt starred earlier this year in “Eurotrip.” “Roswell” star Appleby appeared on Herskovitz and Zwick’s “thirtysomething.

Wever worked on M. Night Shyamalan’s “Signs.” Austin, who appeared on NBC’s reality series “The Next Action Star,” was discovered while auditioning for an ABC showcase for finding and developing culturally and ethnically diverse talent.