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Brendan has been misquoted in EnRoute magazine

Yesterday, Brendan posted a correction on his official website. He explains, that there’s an article out in EnRoute magazine (the mag they have in the back of the seats in Air Canada), and the text has a quote about his trinket he bought in Indonesia, which is misquoted.

Read his explanation about “The oh-so careful media”:

Posted by Brendan

September 13, 2006

I have an article out in EnRoute magazine which is the mag they have in the back of the seats in Air Canada and though I have not seen the entire thing exactly I have read the quote they used about my trinket I bought in Indonesia. If you see the article this all makes a tad more sense but I’m not going to explain the whole thing. Well, on second thought, I will. They asked to do an interview and whether or not I had any great things, souvenirs I had bought on some trip I had taken. The only thing I had bought ever really, that would be remotely interesting was this little piece in Bali. Well, we did a thing on that and the quote they used was, “I bought this statuette at a market in Bali with my ex-girlfriend. Maybe it means I’m a bit of a romantic. I keep it on my desk as a reminder of the time we spent in Indonesia.” Couple things. Ummm, not true! I wasn’t in Indo with a girlfriend. No. 2., I bought it by myself “for” an ex. And lastly, I keep it on my desk as a reminder of the trip, not the ex. I’m quite disappointed about this particular misquote and considering I just got married – and yes, for all you wondering, am loving it very much – but this quote sounds really creepy to me. So, I just wanted to clarify this more for myself then anyone else but it just really upset me. Pissed me off more like it but whatever. Alright, that’s done. Now I just gotta go explain it to the wife. The thing’s going in the trash now. HA HA!! DISCLAIMER! Just joking about that last part. (Men, disclaimers in writing and vocally are encouraged, highly recommended at all times)