LeadingWilliam Sadler

William Sadler in “The Black Donnellys” pilot

William Sadler plays a role in the first episode of the upcoming NBC series “The Black Donnellys”. His character in the episode “All of Us Are in the Gutter” is named Munst. “The Black Donnellys” is about four young Irish brothers, who are caught up in New York’s underworld of organized crime.

Official NBC information:

THE BLACK DONNELLYS they’re good at heart, but mean on the streets. Meet the Donnelly brothers: Tommy (the smart one), Jimmy (the hot-headed one), Kevin (the unlucky one) and Sean (the pretty boy). There is nothing these four Irish brothers wouldn’t do to protect each other, and for them that often includes lying, cheating, stealing and, occasionally, calling the cops. Narrated by wannabe gangster Joey “Ice Cream,” this gritty series bears witness to the Donnelly brothers’ sudden involvement in organized crime, focusing on how they go from boys to mobsters, and showing how their new life affects their relationships with friends, family and lovers.

Creators of this series are Paul Haggis and Bobby Moresco. They are best known for their script of “LA Crash”.

On October 18, 2006 an article mentions this series. Zap2it.com writes that when NBC announced its 2006-07 schedule in May, it said “ER” would run uninterrupted for 13 weeks in the fall, then take a seat for 13 weeks while the Paul Haggis drama “The Black Donnellys” ran its course. “ER” would then return for nine more episodes to close the year. But the network hasn’t settled on a place for “The Black Donnellys” yet. There will, however, be a few holes at midseason with the end of “Sunday Night Football” and the rough starts for some of NBC’s other new dramas.

Find out more about this series on NBC.com. Some facts are up on zap2it.com, too.