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As previously reported, Brendan is playing the role of Jake Stanton in the ABC project “Samurai Girl”. On October 20, 2007 he posted this at his official board:

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I don’t think I’ll get in trouble but this was the breakdown for Jake Stanton

“An American military brat who grew up mostly on the streets of Japan near his father’s navy base, this ruggedly handsome and fit 24 year old was close friends with Ohiko, whom he is shocked to learn has been killed. Smart, but not book smart he is blue collar cool. Anxious to protect the headstrong Heaven, who is on the run from a group of mysterious goons, Jake urges her to flee the country. When she refuses, he reluctantly agrees to teach her martial arts. A master himself, Jake was once in the employ of the dread Japanese Yakuza, but despite his checkered past, he embraces Heaven’s battle as his own — and we sense that he would like to embrace Heaven herself as well…”

There is a connection between the 2 but that last statement makes him look like a manwhore which he is indeed not. It’s a great character and am looking forward to it’s challenges.

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