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Brendan’s new indie project: “Fort McCoy”

Brendan’s latest Rant & Rage post “I don’t need no title” is mostly about his Comic-Con visit but he also gives some first information about his upcoming indie project called “Fort McCoy”.


Now for some quick news hot off the press, I’m going to be leaving Friday for Wisconsin to film an independent called “Fort McCoy” starring Eric Stoltz, Jessica Capshaw, and Camryn Manheim. It takes place in 1944 at a POW camp in Wisconsin in which German and Japanese soldiers are being held. Eric’s character arrives at camp as the new barber since he is unable to enlist due to a heart murmur. It’s based on true events and follows the events and lives of several people at this camp during this time. I will be playing the role of “Sgt. Dominic Rossi”. I’m really looking forward to this and working with Eric again, along with the others. That’s all I got for now but when I get more news I’ll be sure to write an even more annoying and bratty letter.

Brendan Fehr

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