LeadingMajandra Delfino

Heidi for dogs with the voice of Majandra

On December 17, 2008 the article Two Obsessions, One Dream — Heidi 4 Paws was published on the Huffington Post website.

Mouth-articulated dogs are the leading actors in this film. The children movie with the voices of Majandra Delfino as Miss Rottenmeier, Steve Guttenberg as Sebastian is going to air on most public television stations this month.

So with a small army of talented people, it all took shape: sixteen dogs, nine different puppies, yards of green-screen, HD cameras, a community college with a small sound stage–the elements were assembled and we were off and running. I wrote the script. Yes, I directed the canine madness. At first we called it Heidi for Dogs, until a marketing friend who worked for a studio thought that a better title would be: Heidi 4 Paws.

[…] It took another year to find Public Television and give these dogs their first home (sponsored by Obama’s Public Television stations–WTTW in Chicago–let the search for the First Puppy officially begin!). 2008-12-17-h4paws.jpg

I think broadcasters like it, because most of them are running it Christmas week. I know little kids do and not just because they like just about anything, but because a neighbor boy who has seen the movie, now calls me the Dog-Talker-Lady.

Please check local stations for times and dates.

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