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David Nutter’s new projects: “Eastwick” & “Freemind”.

Variety reports that David Nutter has signed on to direct and produce the ABC pilot of “Eastwick” which is going to be an adaption of the 1987 movie “The Witches of Eastwick” starring Cher, Michelle Pfeiffer, Susan Sarandon.

The movie was about three bored New England women, left to live without their husbands, who discover that they have supernatural powers. Executive producer Maggie Friedman has developed a concept for the series.

“She has come up with an amazing starting-off point — I can really see where the series is going to go,” Nutter told Daily Variety. “She’s got a great bedrock of characters and a great mystery.”

Variety places emphasis on the fact that David Nutter was lucky when it comes to directing pilots. In his filmography 14 of 14 pilots can be found that got picked up into a series. The pilots include “Roswell” as well as “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles”, “Supernatural”, “Dark Angel” or HBO’s upcoming WWII epic “The Pacific” starring William Sadler.

In other news, MTV recently reported that David Nutter is going to direct the comic book adaption “Freemind”.

Uslan, who’s producing the film with Marc Rosen of Rosen/Obsts Productions and Robert Keyghobad said about Nutter:

“[Nutter] is a very character-driven director. This was a very non-comics comic book, based purely around a character — so he’s the perfect person for it.”

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