Devon GummersallSupporting

“I Have It” screened at RIFF

Sam Griffith’s short movie “I Have It” was shown at Rhode Island International Film Festival which took place between 4th and 9th of August.

Devon Gummersall and Larisa Oleynik are playing the lead in this 21 minutes film.

I HAVE IT follows Emily and George (Larisa Oleynik and Devon Gummersall, respectively), a couple meeting for the first time after finding each other on an online dating site for individuals with HIV. George is an upper class mid-late twenties man, who has always embraced his privileged upbringing. He is likeable, good-looking, conservative, and never thought the unthinkable would happen to him. Emily is quirky and predictably liberal, consciously making herself stand out as unique. She is sweet, good-natured, and blatantly honest. While meeting for the first time, their conversation covers a variety of bases, until the white elephant in the room, their disease, is finally addressed. It turns out they both just want someone to talk to, to understand, to listen.

Watch the trailer on the RIFF website.