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“The Hills Run Red” actually does run red

After the DVD release of the horror movie “The Hills Run Red” with William Sadler starring as William Concannon, tons of reviews and interviews were published online.

William Sadler’s movie daughter the australian actress Sophie Monk spoke with Shocktillyoudrop.com about the film. One question is about her film father:

Robg.: You character is the daughter of William Concannon, the infamous director of The Hills Run Red, the film these characters are looking for. How much did you get to work with William Sadler to come up with your family rapport?

Sophie: Actually, I asked him the day before we started, “If you have any advice or any pointers on how I can make this thing better, please tell me?” So he gave me acting advice. He’d say, “Ok for this next bit, if you pretend you’re here and do this, it’ll come off as this.” He gave me a lot of help.

You can read the full interview on www.shocktillyoudrop.com

Find here some links to DVD reviews:


DVD Review: The Hills Run Red (2009)
Relax, it’s not a rip-off sequel to the rip-off remake (or sequel) of The Hills Have Eyes. Nor is it any relation to the spaghetti western of the same name. And, surprisingly enough, Dave Parker’s The Hills Run Red isn’t just your average brain-dead direct-to-video splatterfest aimed at the teens — it actually has some meat on its bones. […]


‘The Hills Run Red’ Review
The Hills Run Red (THRR) is a modestly-budgeted but effective gore fest about the search for a legendary ‘lost’ horror film of the same title, a movie that was supposedly so notorious and disturbing it was only screened once before disappearing from the face of the earth…as did it’s entire cast and iconic director Wilson Wyler Concannon.

Concannon (embodied to sinister perfection by William Sadler) had a peculiar but dedicated idea of how to bring realistic horror to the screen, and he apparently put everything he had into his one and only production about a sadistic and ghoulish-looking masked killer called ‘Babyface’.


THE HILLS RUN RED (just out on DVD from Warner Premiere) is about the quest to track down a lost horror film of the same title, one supposedly so shocking that our protagonist is obsessed with witnessing its full, terrible vision. And yet this HILLS has been issued in an R-rated cut only, with references on the audio commentary to scenes its creators wanted to include, but were too gruesome. Irony?



[…] A group of teens go in search of a legendary lost film and finds that instead of a fiction that the murderous killer is all too real.

In 1982, Wilson Wyler Concannon (William Sadler) made a movie so shocking and horrific that it only played in several theaters before Concannon and his film disappeared. Only a battered trailer remains.


The cast certainly is game with William Sadler having a great time chewing the scenery as the delightfully named Wilson Wyler Concannon. The film also ends on a glummer note that makes it fit in with those 1970 flicks. It doesn’t get anywhere classic status but it was a fun watch and had a lot of stuff that intrigued me. […]