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Sappleby.com is back online…

Since August 2009 the longest running web site dedicated to the talented actress Shiri Appleby, www.sappleby.com, was on hiatus. Today the website relaunched… with a bang.

Besides the new design, new content, a huge gallery update and new interactive features the website provides an exclusive and very entertaining interview with the actress Shiri Appleby herself.

Shiri chatted about her latest project “Life Unexpected” and she tells in what kind of roles she is interested in when it comes to new projects.

The interview is very lovely and Shiri seemed surprised, when one of the question invited her to take a trip down memory lane.

Make sure to read the full interview here:
Sappleby.Com: Exclusive Interview

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  • Aw, that is so sweet! I love that huge promotion. Thank you Lena for all your help, all your motivation and feedbacks.

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