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Cutting Edge: Fire & Ice – 40 movie stills

JustJaredJr has an article up about the fourth installment in the ice skating franchise “Cutting Edge: Fire & Ice”. The text features 40 movie stills.

You can find them here: Francia Raisa — FIRST LOOK at the Cutting Edge: Fire & Ice!

The movie, starring Brendan Fehr and Francia Raisa premieres Sunday, March 14 @ 8PM ET/PT on ABC Family.

One thought on “Cutting Edge: Fire & Ice – 40 movie stills

  • Kate

    I think its great that the roswell cast is getting back out their and doing more in your face kind of roles. Shiri with life unexpected, Brendan getting back out their with the abc roles. Colin with his movie roles, Katherine however has always been going strong it seems since roswell i just wish the others could or would do the same! Because in my opinion they are some of the greatest actors and actresses out their.

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