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Interviews with Shiri – TV Guide and NY mag

Yesterday, the third episode of CW’s new family drama series “Life Unexpected” aired. Shiri Appleby plays radio host and mother of Lux on the show. Several interviews with the former “Roswell” actress were released.

She spoke with TV Guide about being back on the network where she got her start, and on a show that’s “about people being there for one another.” Read here a snippet:


TVGuide.com: Can you relate to Cate at all?
Appleby: Totally. I think the idea of deciding to trust someone and make yourself open is a very scary, nerve-wracking decision and who do you choose to spend your life with? Those are big questions.

TVGuide.com: And if you return for a second season, what would you like to see?
Appleby: I hope that she and Ryan can really build a life together and I’m not necessarily sure how that will all work out. I think Cate has to resolve or deal with the fact that she does have feelings for Baze as well and you hope that Lux and Cate can work through a lot of the issues that they have. We don’t wrap up all of the issues between the two of them in one season so hopefully have a chance to work through more of that.

TVGuide.com: Do you think the fact that you and Kerr Smith starred in old-school WB hit shows gives your show a nostalgic quality?
Appleby: I think so. It seems to be something people bring up a lot. I loved watching Felicity, I loved watching Dawson’s Creek. I still love those actors, so if I see them in anything I’m prone to wanting to watch it because I grew up watching them. Hopefully we’re having the same sort of reaction for other people.

Life Unexpected’s Kerr Smith talks about new series and days on the Creek

TVGuide.com: Both Dawson’s and Roswell had long opening titles with songs that became hits. Do you miss that about most shows today?
Appleby: Ours started last week. We were all like, “We want opening titles!” so they made a great opening title sequence for us with a great song, so it feels very much in the vein of those old shows.

Make sure to read the entire interview here: Life Unexpected’s Shiri Appleby Previews the Fallout of Cate and Baze Sleeping Together

In addition, the NY mag published the text “Life Unexpected’s Shiri Appleby on the CW Cabal, Fading From the Spotlight, and Playing a Mom at 31”. “Roswell” is mentioned here, too.

[…] There was such a flurry of attention around you when Roswell came on — you were definitely made into an “It” Girl. And then it seems that all went away for quite awhile once the show was off.
Yeah, it was awhile. In a way, I got pretty lucky. When Roswell was on, there wasn’t as much paparazzi, though I was in a lot of magazines. When the attention went away, I focused on finding what my own life was like. People get tired of you after awhile; you’ve been on a show for three years, and episodic TV can sometimes feel very repetitive. It took me awhile to get a job again, but once you start working, it’s the smartest advice to just keep saying yes.

Does Brittany Robertson, who plays your daughter on the show, remind you at all of yourself in the Roswell days?
I see it with Brittany — she’s actually 19 now, the age I was when I started Roswell. She reminds me of what I was going through, the nerves and the fears. A lot of things she’s saying, I can say I totally relate: this is what happens; these are the feelings; this is how your friends are going to react; this is a perspective that worked for me and I hope will work for you. Brittany and I live in a house together in West Vancouver, where we shoot.


Popeater interviewed Shiri on her show and other fun things. She talks about “Life Unexpected”, old WB days, her fear of animals… and even “Twilight” is mentioned.

[…] I know you brought up ‘Roswell’, which I loved. I had read that you would be interested in doing more sci-fi. Is that true?
“No. I mean, I would do it, obviously. If James Cameron came calling, I would do whatever he wanted. [laughs] But it’s definitely an interesting genre, but I definitely connected more to the love story aspect on that show, as I do with this one.”

I can see why! Did you know there is a thread on IMDB saying you should have played Bella in ‘Twilight’?
“[laughs] The Kristen Stewart role?”

“That’s funny! I think she’s doing pretty well for herself.”

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