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Brendan Fehr is back home in Canada for the shooting of the television movie “Ice Quake” for SyFy. The actor gives some first information on his official website

Brendan plays a geologist named Michael Webster. The cast includes Holly Dignard, Jodelle Ferland, Ryan Grantham and Aaron Pearl. Please read his post to learn more about his new project at first hand:

Posted by Brendan Fehr

April 21, 2010

Hey gentle people. I’m up in my country and home province (home town almost) shooting a TV movie for SyFy. It’s called “Ice Quake” and well… let’s just say that’s pretty self explanatory. I play a geologist who basically saves the world so it’s pretty much a true story cause those guys are really smart and do stuff like that all the time.

It’s actually been a lot of fun and I’m working with a lot of great people, both cast and crew. I’ll have pictures soon to post. Actually others will have pictures which I’m basically gonna steal (hoping they have some of me) and then I’ll post theirs and just pretend they’re mine.

I finish up this weekend and then head back home to California. I’m assuming this will air around December as the story takes place on Christmas Eve. I’ll keep you updated with further details and once I get back to sunny Cali I will be answering those Cutting Edge questions. Little late? Probably but it’s been pretty busy and I have been stuck on a mountain with no real communication for 2 weeks. God Bless you all and more to come soon.

Brendan Fehr a.k.a Michael Webster, Army Corp Senior Geologist (for now)