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AOL Inside Interview with Brendan and Francia

Brendan Fehr and Francia Raisa chatted with AOL TV about the new sequel, the hardcore training and just which one of them gets to say the infamous “toe pick line.”

Do you two do a lot of the skating in the movie?
Raisa: I mean we have doubles but I was pretty surprised we did a lot more skating than I expected. And I think it shows in the movie.
Fehr: During the time we had to actually film it, I would have thought that every hour was precious so you definitely had to get the figure skating in there. And you know you have to look good. You definitely have to get the doubles in there perfecting all the moves and all that. But the director … wanted to see it from the ice as much as possible and so, you know, we actually did quite a bit. I mean everything — save the jumps and everything else. But we did a surprising amount. You see us a little more than I thought you would skating out there. And it looks like we probably did more than we actually did, which is the way I think it should. God bless the stunt doubles. They were very good [laughs].


What was your favorite part of making the movie?
Raisa: I enjoyed doing the whole thing. We had such an amazing director. He made it really enjoyable and really fairly easy for us. It hardly felt like I was working.
Fehr: I would say filming-wise it was working with Stephen [Herek], his background story and experience he was able to draw on. He directed ‘Mr. Holland’s Opus’ and he directed the original ‘Bill and Ted’s’ so he kind of ran the whole gamut from comedies to something a little more serious. So he has worked with a number of people. So a little bit of the knowledge that he was able to instill, it was really enjoyable for me. And he was an actor. He was really interested in what we were doing as opposed to simply how the picture looked on the screen. That was really enjoyable for me.

Were either of you watching the skating at the Olympics?
Fehr: The skating, I definitely watched it differently. I wouldn’t say I watched more of it. I was definitely interested in who was winning. But it was definitely the little things they did that you don’t pay attention to if you don’t have a figure skating background which was what I was looking at. It’s a different set of glasses. You train for it and you see what these guys do and it’s like, ay yi yi. Light-years away.


At the end of the interview Brendan answeres a “Bones” question:

Brendan, will we see you on ‘Bones’ again this season?
Fehr: I don’t know. I think they’re almost wrapped up so it’s not looking good for this season. But hopefully. That would be very nice. I love that cast and the crew and the show and I really like the characters. Hopefully they’ll find a story line that makes sense.

“The Cutting Edge: Fire and Ice” premieres Sunday, March 14 at 8 p.m. on ABC Family.