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“Cutting Edge” – Disneydreaming Interview were lucky enough to be part of a conference call with ABC Family’s “The Cutting Edge: Fire & Ice” stars Francia Raisa and Brendan Fehr.

The first part of their interview can be found here.

Q: Brendan, since Francia has already done one of these movies before, what was it like for you to be strapping on the skates?

Brendan: Part of it just came naturally. I played hockey my whole life, so obviously the ice skating, just the regular skating backward and side-to-side is pretty much the same. I was comfortable on skates, but then there’s a difference between skating and figure skating. When you’re asked to exhibit a little bit of grace out there, then that’s when all hell broke loose.


Q: The readers wanted to know what your other passions are besides acting and skating.

Brendan: I guess number one right now would be golfing. That would be my number one hobby. I try to do that as much as possible. That would be about it. The days are filled up, I guess, taking care of my daughter and just doing the regular stuff that everyone else does. When I’m not working, it would be golf for sure.

Brendan and his co-star answer the question what they liked most about working with each other, as well. Please make sure to read the full interview.