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JJJ spoke with Francia and Brendan about their ABC movie

Just Jared Jr. caught up with Francia Raisa and Brendan Fehr to chat about “The cutting Edge: Fire & Ice”.

[…] Brendan also dished about the level of difficulty going from playing hockey as a kid to a figure skating role, “The level of difficulty was pretty high and having absolutely no rhythm as well, as Francia can attest to, upped the stakes there for me. You do what you can. You work hard and you pointers and you get tips and you train and you do what you can. Then, the rest, you obviously leave up to editing and music and stunt doubles. But, you just have fun with it and you do the best you can with what you got and the time you have and then you hope the people in the editing room really like you and are interested in making you look good, which I think they actually did. I think I actually look like I know what I’m doing out there.”

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