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Save LUX & Help Some Kids In Need

The Tabasco Sauce campaign helped save “Roswell” from cancellation many years ago. Now, we can do the same by uniting to help “Save Life Unexpected” – Shiri Appleby’s cute little show.

It’s our job to convince The CW that “Life Unexpected” truly deserves more episodes.

By campaigning we will show The CW that LUX fans are truly the best fans in the world. This plan of action does not just concern fans from the USA, Canada, Mexico and South America. The series airs in Israel and Asia as well European countries such as UK, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Netherlands. Also fans in numerous countries are still craving for the premiere of the show in their home country.

Let’s unite and show The CW that the world needs more LUX.

Have you already checked out the “Save Life Unexpected and Help Some Kids In Need” article on Givememyremote.com?

Give Me My Remote is asking fans to make a “Save LUX” donation to Portland’s Boys and Girls Aid for those in adoption, shelters and foster care. In addition to your donation to Portland’s Boys and Girls Aid, feel free to send light bulbs — as LUX means “light” — to The CW offices. The opportunity to help children in need and show the network that you care about the future of “Life Unexpected” is just an awesome concept – so please visit the site and do your bit to help.

You can find more information on “Save LUX” and the “Light bulb – Campaign” on givememyremote.com

Our goal is to make “Life Unexpected” a trending topic especially next Tuesday when a brand new episodes airs on The CW Network. If we can make “Life Unexpected” a trending topic it will help draw attention to the show and gain new viewers. LUX fans from all over the world are asked to continue tweeting about “Life Unexpected” ensuring that the hash tags #lifeunexpected and #saveLUX are included somewhere in your posts.

And don’t forget that you can promote the show with twitter backgrounds, icons, self print posters and stickers which you can find on the pages I Watch Campaign 1.0 and I Watch Campaign 2.0.

We also need help in making everyone aware. If you’re running a website, a blog or you are a user in a fan forum let everyone know about the fan campaigns.

Please stay tuned to Lux-Source for campaign updates and new ideas, including an all new postcard campaign which will be announced shortly.