Let’s Trend + Roswell Quiz (Add a question!)

Are you ready for the Roswell Twitter Challenge? Please make sure to join us.

Who had the best ‘Fake’ ID name in the Viva Las Vegas episode? Who had the best musicial scene on the show… What would you like to see in a Roswell Movie? Would you bring Alex back? Are they still running from the FBI?

Let’s talk about the show, the actors and you can test your Roswell Knowledge in a quiz. Please tell your friends about it and tweet, tweet, tweet. Make sure to add the hash tags #Roswell and #Roswellmovie.

09.00 am Los Angeles
USA: Pacific Standard Time (PST)

12.00 pm New York
USA: Eastern Standard Time (EST)

05.00 pm London
United Kingdom

06.00 pm Berlin

We’ll ask the first question at 10 am (PST).

Please feel free to add some tricky Roswell questions. Of cause you’ll receive full credit.

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