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Love and Other Troubles - ScreenshotsContactmusic.com recently published the article Lost Star De Ravin Had Olympics Dreams As A Child Gymnast telling that the actress won a place in an Olympics training group when she was eight. Emilie told them, that it was just too much and that it wasn’t fun anymore. Instead she studied with the Australian Ballet School in Melbourne and became a ballet dancer.

In “Love and Other Troubles” Emilie returned to her dancing roots.

The movie is about the former child star Ville and his eccentric father who both fall in love with the same woman – a funny and quirky American student, played by Emilie de Ravin, who teaches country line-dancing at the local activity center.

She reveals, “I’ve taken ballet classes somewhat recently and it’s muscle memory. I’m playing a line dancer in Love and Other Troubles and that’s a lot easier than doing pas de deux and point work! I play an American girl who goes over to Finland to escape a bad relationship. Line dancing, they’re really quite serious about it; it’s quite cool. And the group of people we got to work with are so lovely. They’re a group of characters and lovely people. They get together every week; it’s their social thing and a little bit of exercise.”

The almost romantic comedy hit cinemas in Finland on January 27, 2012.

Most recently, Emilie guest starred on “Once Upon a Time”. She will return in a later episode to continue Belle’s story.

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