Roswell Read-a-thon – The Watcher #4

“Let’s read the Roswell books together!”

Did you start reading “The Watcher” yet? With book number four of the “Roswell High” series by Melinda Metz we continue the Read-a-thon.

The discussion started yesterday.

The Read-a-thon is hosted by We want a Roswell Movie. Make sure to check out the public event for the Roswell Read-a-thon.

#04 – The Watcher

Simon & Schuster Adobe DRM (eBook) NOOK Book (eBook) | Kindle Edition

Book Description: Life will never be the same…

Max is dying. No one wants to believe it, but he knows it’s true. And as the end grows closer, he can only think of one thing. Who will protect Liz if he’s not there?

Liz can’t stand watching Max suffer. She’s determined to find some way – any way – to save him. But the only way to help Max is to risk her own life. Is she willing to die for the one she loves?

First Sentence: Max Evans gazed in the bathroom mirror.

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