Roswell Read-a-thon – The Salvation #10

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“Let’s read the Roswell books together!”

Sadly, “The Salvation” is the last book in the “Roswell High” series.

Enjoy the book and please make sure to join the discussion on the Roswell Read-a-thon event page which was created by We want a Roswell Movie.

If you don’t own the printed version of the book, please visit the links below and buy the eBook.

#10 – The Salvation

Simon & Schuster Adobe DRM (eBook) NOOK Book (eBook) | Kindle Edition

Book Description: The ultimate battle.

Max is out of control. He’s lying to his friends, ignoring his family, and has even turned on Liz. Has Max completely lost his mind…or is Max not really Max at all?

Liz hasn’t feld connected to Max in a long time – not the way she used to be. She knows he isn’t the guy she fell in love with. There’s something else controlling him. Something sinister. Can Liz help Max break free before he’s lost forever?

First Sentence: Liz Ortecho stared into the open grave.

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