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Roswell S4 Fan-Fiction: Expect Action, Drama, Amazing Twists …

Season 4, Episode 4 Excerpt: Origins


1. I actually encourage you to read my writings in the DARK and while wearing HEADPHONES.

2. BEFORE reading, scroll through the entire episode. If you see YouTube VIDEOS, be sure to load all videos in the order that they appear so that they are pending and ready to view when you get to them in the episode. The numbers proceeding “Enter Song” states how long to leave it playing.

3. I encourage you to message me ideas, feedback, suggestions or media (photos, videos, music, etc.) that you’d like to be taken under consideration. I try to make this as close to an actual Season 4 of Roswell (had it actually happened) as possible and I want the fans to be completely satisfied.

4. “~ ~” signifies what would normally be a “commercial break” and “—” signifies a skip from one location (aka “scene”) or situation to another.

5. Episodes will obviously be a lot shorter than what they would be on television. It would be like writing a novel every two weeks if I wrote enough for a 45 minute show. And I don’t think anyone wants that.

6. The title “PREVIOUSLY” before every episode (besides the first episode obviously) is a way to catch up on the previous key points of the previous episode if you missed one. But I encourage you read all episodes because they are very time consuming on my behalf.

7. The Roswell icon on the bottom left corner of the page will link you to the official Roswell Season 4 (Fan Fiction) Tumblr page.




“I think you’re making this way harder than it has to be. I mean you sit next to the guy in biology class and you two haven’t exchanged a single word. I mean, what’s the deal?”

Lenny looked down at her phone which was vibrating and the blue screen lit her face. The caller ID read “MOM”. “Hold that thought…” She told Sam then answered the phone and held it to her ear. “Hello?…. Yes, mom. Yes, mom…I know mom…No, I’m at Sam’s…well I already told you earlier today…”

Sam glances over at Lenny with a smile while watching the movie. Mrs. Guerin was always so strict with Lenny. She never really understood why as Lenny was completely harmless.
“Yes mom, I know…I’ll see you in the morning…K, bye” Lenny hung up. “God! Could she be any more psycho? She forgets I tell her that I’ll be at your place tonight so what does she think? I’m in a gang, I’m doing drugs, I got kidnapped, I got abducted by aliens. Anything but actually being at your house…”

Oh, she’s just being a mom… at least you have a mom.”

“Oh c’mon, that’s not fair, you have a mom.” 

“Yeah, but she never really harassed me like that…” Sam smirks. 

“I’ll trade you, just let me know what day works best for you.”

Sam laughs. “I meant my real mom anyway…”

Sam was referring to her biological mother, whom she never knew. She was adopted, and all she could recall from her early childhood was the ugly Christmas sweater her adoptive mom wore when they adopted her – in Roswell, in July. She remembered the joy it brought her seeing the artificial Christmas lights on the thick sweater. She can’t recall much before that moment. 

“Hey, go grab another blanket. You’re hogging this one” Sam demanded. 

Lenny sighed and forced herself to slide off the couch. Before she headed upstairs, she tossed a pillow at Sam. 

[Enter Sounds:] Lenny opened the door to Sam’s bedroom and turned on the lights. They had decided to crash downstairs on the couch to countless chick flicks since her parents were off on some trip at the beginning of the school year, giving them the entire house for the remainder of the weekend. It was still raining but it sounded quieter from her room. It was like a gentle tapping on the roof now that the storm had subdued to a light evening shower. Yet, Lenny stopped in her tracks. As if something instinctive had taken over her, she felt the presence of something she could not describe. She stood still in the middle of the room, listening to the placid rain, until she realized, in the gist of the light pounding, there was a soft knocking noise.

“Alex???” Lenny says confused but hurries to slide the window open. He helps himself inside. “Alex, what are you doing here?” she chuckles a little off beat.

“I need to talk to you. Liz told me I could find you here.”

“She must have. What do you want?” 

Alex turns to shut the window and he approaches Lenny casually. He stood less than a foot from her when he stared into her eyes. It was an awkward moment of silence between them that made her turn her gaze away from him for a moment, only to return it. 

“You’re Michael Guerin’s daughter?” he asked, almost sounding surprised, but not quite. Their ocean blue eyes connected for a moment longer before she nodded as a reply. 

His eyes glanced down at her, studying her practically, then looked into her eyes again. Before things got too weird for Lenny, he walked past her, leaving her confused for the moment. 

“Is Sam here?”

“Yeah… we’re watching a movie. Are you going to tell me what’s going on?”

Alex stalled as long as he could, looking around the room as if to find someone hiding. Suddenly, he turned to her.

“I know Lenny… I know what you are.” He stared at her for some sort of reaction. All she could do was swallow, gaze directly into his eyes and reply firmly.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about…”

Alex stared at her a moment longer then walked slowly across the room.

“Lenny… I was told to come here to tell you that I know. Isabel, Michael, Liz…they all agreed for me to tell you. Tonight… Although I only needed Max’s permission…”

“What are you talking about?? What do you know about us?” she asked, feeling her body warm up.

“I’m one of you…I’m like you, Isabel, Max, Michael…”

Lenny backed away slowly and her back almost touches the door to the bedroom.

She turns to make a run for it when the door slams on its own without warning. Lenny quickly turned to look at Alex who had just taken a seat on the bed. The expression on her face was priceless. He sighed, completely annoyed. 

“You can cut the act…I know. I’m one of you. Although I’m more like you, an Earth-born hybrid… My mother and father were… are both hybrids.”


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***DISCLAIMER: The preceding literature is a work of FAN FICTION and is in no way affiliated with the images, actors, producers, writers or studios of any similar names or titles. I am not profiting in any fashion from this work and is rather an appreciation of the original story/series.

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