Read An Excerpt of Roswell S4E2: The Unknown

Tessitura’s “Roswell Season 4” fan-fiction is meant to satisfy the fans. She told, “So when I first decided to write Roswell Season 4, the purpose was to tie loose ends and form a “likely” conclusion. One that gives answers that we may have gotten had the show not been cancelled. My goal was to do this and make it as realistic as possible given what little time I have.”

“[…] You can expect action, drama, amazing twists and many reoccurring themes from the original series. Read an excerpt of the second episode:

Season 4, Episode 2 Excerpt: The Unknown


1. I actually encourage you to read my writings in the DARK and while wearing HEADPHONES.

2. BEFORE reading, scroll through the entire episode. If you see YouTube VIDEOS, be sure to load all videos in the order that they appear so that they are pending and ready to view when you get to them in the episode. The numbers proceeding “Enter Song” states how long to leave it playing.

3. I encourage you to message me ideas, feedback, suggestions or media (photos, videos, music, etc.) that you’d like to be taken under consideration. I try to make this as close to an actual Season 4 of Roswell (had it actually happened) as possible and I want the fans to be completely satisfied.

4. “~ ~” signifies what would normally be a “commercial break” and “—” signifies a skip from one location (aka “scene”) or situation to another.

5. Episodes will obviously be a lot shorter than what they would be on television. It would be like writing a novel every two weeks if I wrote enough for a 45 minute show. And I don’t think anyone wants that.

6. The title “PREVIOUSLY” before every episode (besides the first episode obviously) is a way to catch up on the previous key points of the previous episode if you missed one. But I encourage you read all episodes because they are very time consuming on my behalf.

7. The Roswell icon on the bottom left corner of the page will link you to the official Roswell Season 4 (Fan Fiction) Tumblr page.



It’s late at the Evans’ residence and Isabel had made her way over about an hour ago. Her and Jesse were a bit distant throughout the night, but were obviously trying to work things out. There’s a knock on the door and Liz stands to go answer. Kyle is standing at the door with a rather annoyed look on his face.

“To what pleasure do I thank Buddha for arriving at the Evans’ residence at…” Looks at his watch. “Oh, 5 in the evening on a Monday? I’m not your personal law enforcer Liz, I do have a town to tend to.”

“Kyle. I wouldn’t have called you if it weren’t important,” she explains.

He helps himself in, taking his time as he makes his way to the living room and develops a feel for the situation as the entire crew was congregated in the living room. He sighs sarcastically.

“Oh…I see what’s going on here. Something ‘unearthly’. I knew paradise on Earth would only last so long.” He slaps his hands together and rubs them. He bites his lip for a moment. “Let me guess.” Squints his eyes. “You need me to use my powers.”

Liz shuts the door and approaches him. “Yes. I mean, we don’t know”. We need you to tell us what this orb thing does.” The orb was placed on the living room coffee table on top of a small saucer.

Maria, “Yeah, so just wiggle your nose, count to 7 and do your little alien thing”.

Kyle looks to the air as if he’s thinking. “Okay…why?”, he demanded and flashes his sarcastic smile.

“Kyle.” Max began. You don’t want to know more than you have to and I don’t want to tell you. Just know that it’s important. And it’s in all of our best interest to do this…”

Kyle looks at everyone. “Alright…But! Only under the condition that you promise to keep me out of as many alien affairs as possible, from now to the unpredictable, distant future. I know I have extra ‘abilities’, but that doesn’t make me one of you guys. Now that that’s out of the way…” He takes a seat in front of the table where the orb sits and takes total control of the situation. He closes his eyes.

“Turn out the lights”. Maria goes to the wall switch and cuts the lights, then moved to the shades to close them. “Alright I need utter silence… minimal movement… and a diet coke”.
Maria looks confused. “A diet coke, what do you need that for?”

“That, my friend is top secret. If I told you I’d have to kill you” He opens his eyes and smiles sarcastically. She rolls her eyes and Michael shakes his head as Maria reluctantly makes her way to the kitchen. Jesse shakes his head with a smile. He was one of the few whom appreciated Kyle’s sense of humor. Kyle closes his eyes again and sits in Indian style in front of the table. He takes a deep breath and everyone is quiet. Maria places the coke on the table. 

After a few moments of nothing, Kyle is about to give up. It was that thought and moment when everyone jumps to the sudden flash of light in the room.

[Enter Song: 0:00 – Throughout scene:]

The orb was shining so bright, it looked as if it were the light of the sun. Then, the entire room is covered in space, dotted by stars, shooting through light years of it while it traveled to an unknown destination. 

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***DISCLAIMER: The preceding literature is a work of FAN FICTION and is in no way affiliated with the images, actors, producers, writers or studios of any similar names or titles. I am not profiting in any fashion from this work and is rather an appreciation of the original story/series.

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