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Q&A with Shiri Appleby – Transcript April 23rd, 2015

Shiri went on Facebook and Twitter to host a spontaneous Q&A session, answering as many question as she could until her delayed flight to New York City started boarding.

Please read the full Q&A below.


Shiri: Hi guys! My flight has been delayed. I’ve got a few minutes, anyone want to Q&A?

ARTIBILITY: What’s your next movie?
Shiri: I shot a film last summer called Babylon. Hopefully it’ll be out sometime next year.

Kevin: What is your favorite movie and book?
Shiri: Hard to say favorite. Love This Is Where I Leave You by Jonathan Tropper is a wonderful book.

Michelina: Shiri, did you ever feel connected to any of the music used for the Roswell episodes?
Shiri: Crash at the end of the pilot was really special and has stuck with me

Bethany: Roswell was one of your first acting gigs. What was it like entering into the world of acting right after high school?
Shiri: Exciting and really overwhelming.

Dannyelle: Cannot wait for UnReal! What drew you to the show?
Shiri: It’s unlike any other show I had seen or read. I can’t wait for everyone to finally see it.

Rossilyn: Shiri, I was a huge fan of the Roswell series, and thought you did a great job as Liz. We actually have the same exact birthday, born the Same day, Pearl Harbor day 1978. My question is….do you actually like tabasco Sauce?! Lol
Shiri: No!! Don’t dont do well with spicy food
Rossilyn: Lol I actually enjoy the whole Tabasco sauce on my pancakes thing that Tess did on the one episode, yum! The things you learn from TV

Jon R.: what is your fav dish at your husbands restaurant?
Shiri: I LOVE all the new food at his new restaurant Jon & Vinnys. Italian is my favorite!!

Mariska: Do you plan to return to the small screen any time soon And if so, where should we watch?
Shiri: Unreal is premiering on June 1st at 10pm on lifetime

Keerthana: What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned in life?
Shiri: Patience. And positivity

Shiri: Flight is starting to board!! Gotta run. Thanks for hanging with me. That was a ton of fun!!


Ashley Beth: Do u still talk to the cast of #Roswell? are u and Maria still friends?
Shiri: Majandra and I run into each other from time to time and @ColinHanks and I are still friends

Marcel: Hi, where are you going?
Shiri: NYC. Gotta spread the word out about #unrealtv

Veronica: Would you ever work with Jason Behr again??? #AskShiri.
Shiri: I’d love to work with Jason again! That would be a dream.

Jonathan: what was your favorite episode to act in on Roswell?
Shiri: Shooting the pilot of #Roswell was my favorite episode to make.

shiriapplebyfp: hey Shiri are you gonna star on a new tv series soon
Shiri: #unrealtv premieres June 1st on @lifetimetv

Marti: what was the best about working on Lux? :D
Shiri: The cast was incredible are still some of my favorite people.

Y.C.: fave go to dish to make @ home? mine is usually grains of some sort
Shiri: I love roasting a chicken!!

Andrew: Seems like reunion/spin-off shows are the “in” thing. Any chance of this happening for LUX?
Shiri: I know we’d all love that!! Never say never

Beverly: What inspired you to start sewing? And do you like to do other DIY projects around your home?
Shiri: I’m a huge fan of @ProjectRunway and wanted to give it a try