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UnREAL #AMA on Reddit – Transcript June 8th, 2015

Constance Zimmer and Shiri Appleby did an ‪”Ask Me Anything” Q&A on Reddit yesterday. They spoke about their Lifetime show “UnREAL” and answered many fan questions about other topics, as well.

Please read the Q&A below:

We are Constance Zimmer and Shiri Appleby from UnREAL, ask us anything!

Hey everyone!
We’ll answer anything you wanna know. And if you haven’t seen UnREAL yet, you should watch it here or catch it when it airs on Lifetime on Monday nights at 10 pm.

Victoria’s helping us out today, ask away!

Well, we REALLY appreciate your support. It really means a lot that you’re tuning in, watching the show and liking the show.

We have 8 episodes left after tonight’s episode – so be sure to tune in to Lifetime tonight!
And thank you from me – we appreciate all of the fans that have been going to social media and spreading the word about the show. Thank you!

naks808: Quinn is in a position of power with regards to the Everlasting show and usually has her guard up towards most of the characters. But there are moments where it looks like she may allow herself to be vulnerable and cross that line. Does Quinn believe her vulnerability is a weakness? Does she think she should only use it when it benefits her in the long run? Or maybe something entirely different? I just love these moments and I find Quinn incredibly interesting and complex! :)
Constance Zimmer: WOW.
First of all, I’d like to say THANK YOU and I’m so glad that you recognize all of that. But yes, I do believe that Quinn finds her vulnerability to make her weaker. And I think that’s why she doesn’t reveal it as much.

ahicks83: Quinn and Rachel are both intensely flawed characters. Do you think either of them have it in them to be kind and loving or has Everlasting just permanently darkened their souls beyond repair?
Shiri Appleby: They both – in my opinion – they both want to be kind, and struggle with doing the right thing, but their jobs in the world force them to behave in ways that they wouldn’t chose to in the real world.
Constance Zimmer: I do think that they have it in them. I just think that they need to find the love within themselves, and stop thinking they are going to get it from somebody else.

Flungoutofspace: For Shiri. In the first couple episodes at least Rachel looks like she’s on the verge of tears half the time. Any difficulty in portraying that fine line between emotionally fractured and putting on a brave face for a long period of time?
Shiri Appleby: I actually enjoy those scenes, where you see Rachel having to work really hard to hold it together, because there’s so much more going on behind the words. As an actor, i find those to be the moments I relish playing.

bakko1:Will you please tell us who wins Everlasting?
Constance Zimmer: We’re not allowed to reveal that information, haha! You have to stay tuned to find out!
Shiri Appleby: Constance does, cuz she gets to work with me.

hajisquickvanish: For Constance: CDM or Newport Harbor? Rosarito or Cabo?
Constance Zimmer: Newport Harbor all the way! Rosarito actually!

photoscott7: How much of the show’s material has been gathered from people who have worked on “real” reality shows?
Shiri Appleby: Our writers really created a fictional world, and created stories on their own.
Constance Zimmer: None of our show is based on true stories or situations that have happened to anyone.

logicatch: Hi Constance, just finished your great WTF interview with Maron. Do you enjoy stand up? Who are some of your favorite comedians?
Constance Zimmer: I love standup. First of all, thank you. And I love standup, I wish I was brave enough to do it. Some of my favorite comedians are Louis CK, I love Marc Maron, Amy Schumer, Margaret Cho… Aziz Ansari I think is phenomenal.

bakko1: What do you think about the chemistry between Adam and Rachel?
Shiri Appleby: I think the chemistry between them – both of them are really coming from a place where they need each other, so they’re using each other. And when you’re confined to this closed environment – it’s easy to fall for people.

ahicks83: Shiri, you and Johanna, who plays Anna, have a powerful scene in tonight’s episode. How emotionally draining was that for you to film with her? It looks like you two would have had a very long day filming that.
Shiri Appleby: Thank you! Yeah, it was really an emotionally taxing yet incredibly rewarding scene to shoot. We really worked hard on the scenes, Johanna and I, and felt like they were the pinnacle of the episode, and it was another opportunity for me to show Rachel’s dark side. Complicated by her guilt.

Adchedl: For Shiri! :) Adam or Jeremy?
Shiri Appleby: That’s a really tough one. But I think that Rachel’s real person is still out there.

josephine_amos1: Hi, this is a question for both Constance and Shiri, what’s your favourite novel, classic and current, and why for each? :))
Shiri Appleby: THIS IS WHERE I LEAVE YOU would be my more modern novel, by Jonathan Tropper, and I like the story a lot because it’s a story about a family who’s sitting Shiva for their father, and you see so much history amongst them all, but you can also feel delight with them, there’s a lot of humor in the book, a lot of true raw moments, and I really respond to Jonathan Tropper’s work.
Constance Zimmer: ON THE ROAD by Jack Kerouac. Because it’s a story about adventure, and coming of age, and I feel like you can read it over and over again and always learn something new at every different stage of your life.

mthomas588: P.S. I’m going to watch UnReal tonight, cause I think both of you are beautiful and talented, how did you guys, get your starts?
Shiri Appleby: I started working in the business as a child. My first commercial was a commercial for Raisin Bran. And my first theatrical job I played a kid in a classroom on LOVE, AMERICAN STYLE.
Constance Zimmer: I got my start – I did THE ELLEN SHOW, when Ellen had a sitcom, and after I did that, I did SEINFELD, and it just kind of kept rolling from there!

throwawayfans123: Shiri – 1) Android or iPhone? 2) What is #1 on your Netflix queue? 3) Loved the Bon Jovi music video, how was that? Did you get to hang out with the band?

Wish Roswell was given one more season. I plan to be caught up with UnReal by Sunday night, good luck!
Shiri Appleby: 1.) iPhone! 2.) ROSWELL! 3.) It was So much fun. I loved working with Will Estes! I did get to hang out with the band, really nice guys. Thanks!

Otaku3173: Shiri you were on Roswell, do you ACTUALLY believe in Aliens?
Shiri Appleby: would say that I believe that there’s probably some sort of life out there. But other than some weird ex-boyfriends, I’ve never come across an alien.

mrsne3: If you had to defeat a man with just one hit,what would you do???
Constance Zimmer: Grab him in the balls!
Shiri Appleby: Knee him in the balls!

jonemillard: Have you ever had any strange fan encounters?
Shiri Appleby: I would say that really, if I get recognized once a month, it’s a good month! Everyone I ever meet wants to talk about ROSWELL, it’s the best.
Constance Zimmer: I’m going to say that I have to admit that most of the fans I’ve interacted with have all been pretty incredible and pretty complimentary and I hope that it stays that way forever.

burnham33: What 5 things would you do if you were the opposite gender for 1 day?
Constance Zimmer: I would pee on the side of the road, I would go running somewhere topless without a shirt on, I would go and tell every woman that I met in one day that they were beautiful no matter what size or shape they were, I would join a football team, and I would try and grow a mustache.
Shiri Appleby: I’d like to sit on the toilet and see what really goes on in the bathroom for so long; I would like to watch ESPN and understand what the fascination is; I would love to go surfing as a man, to know what that’s like; I would love to compliment everyone for a day; and I’d love to be President!

blakxzep: Two things.

First is the important thing. How does one if they have no representation get their TV show idea picked up? I’m looking at agencies and production companies and trying to send something to them and I have the pilot & story all developed (it’s a sitcom). It’s a challenging world and maybe you guys have some advice?
And second, would you be willing to check out my youtube channel and laughing at how terrible it is? [YouTube Link]

Constance Zimmer: I wish I knew the right answer. But it’s just all about believing in yourself, believing in your product, and never giving up.

Robi_PhoneutriaFera: Ciao belle, how is play in these new roles? do you have qualities in common with your characters?
Shiri Appleby: We’re both short! And you know…we were just saying that I think we can get away with being these meaner, darker characters because we’re not really like that in real life.
Constance Zimmer: I would say the only similarity that I have with Quinn is her vulnerable side, and that we both have a hard time showing it more.

damnchestersee: When does unreal air in the UK? I’m so behind.
Constance Zimmer: I’m gonna find that answer, hold on!
Constance Zimmer: The show premieres in the UK July 7!

Flungoutofspace: There is nothing benign about pretty much anything in pop culture – there is a reason for every detail basically. What details about this show vs. (and in relation to reality dating shows) surprised you?
Constance Zimmer: You know, I think for me, it’s really the sheer manipulation and the lack of guilt amongst the people whose job it is to try and represent something that is supposed to be real – when in reality it really isn’t.
Shiri Appleby: I think what was so surprising to me (and not surprising at the same time) was how unreal reality is.

tnaks808: I enjoy seeing the relationship between Quinn and Rachel. Quinn seems to be the dominant one while still offering Rachel forms of reassurance and protection. Does Rachel have a plan in the long run to get out from under this or is she taking each situation and problem day by day?
Shiri Appleby: Rachel likes to fancy herself a writer. And she has aspirations of having a career in the entertainment business, post-job. But right now, she’s really immersed in the world, and Quinn’s character is making it really challenging for her to get out.

mthomas588: Hey, do you know Will Ferrell, if you do then I gotta idea for him: a talk show parody, on his website, Funny or Die?, it’ll be a show with celebrities being interviewed, while they will be served lemonade or tea, and they will receive a foot rub, and a back rub, what do you guys think of the idea?
Constance Zimmer: I met him once, but I don’t know him.
Shiri Appleby: I sat next to him at dinner once.

Otaku3173: Hey Shiri I am a giant Life Unexpected fan! I can honestly say it’s my favourite show of all time and it is the reason I got into the radio industry. How much did you have to learn about radio when you were on Life Unexpected?
Shiri Appleby: First of all, I’d like to thank you so much. Life Unexpected was a GREAT show i am so proud to be a part of! Andss. I looooved working in a radio station. We had SO much fun. We really got into playing radio talk show hosts, and had a ball. I wouldn’t say I necessarily learned about it, more that I just had a really good time in that world.

penning_kimberly: If you had to pick a reality show to go on, which would you choose and why?
Shiri Appleby: It would be a toss-up between PROJECT RUNWAY because I love sewing and making clothes, and ROAD RULES, if it even exists anymore, because I think it would be fun to see the United States from the back of a Winnebago.
Constance Zimmer: I would say THE AMAZING RACE, and CUPCAKE WARS. Holla! Because I love baking! And I love cupcakes!

Robi_PhoneutriaFera: What do you think of the possibility to work with Sasha Alexander?
Shiri Appleby: Constance and I are both friends with Sasha, and we’d love to work with her. She’s the best, and she’s so pretty.

Theoo4: Serious intense question, who wins in a knockdown dirty fight between Joker and Catwoman? And how?
Constance Zimmer: I think Catwoman. I think Catwoman would win, because women can talk their way out of anything.

Adchedl: Any plans to go to Comic Con this year? please!!!
Constance Zimmer: I will be at Comic-Con for TRANSFORMERS, because I’m on the TRANSFORMERS: ROBOTS IN DISGUISE cartoon show.
Shiri Appleby: I’m going as Constance’s +1. I’m going to hold her bag.

Robi_PhoneutriaFera: A little stupid question: Would you rather be the heroine or villain?
Shiri Appleby: I like playing the villain.
Constance Zimmer: I would like to be BOTH,in one character.

gazuii: From industry experience do you think Ari (the character) from Entourage deserves a bro-high five or a swift kick in the nuts?
Constance Zimmer: Both, actually! I believe Ari deserves both. Because he can be a great friend. He works his ass off for his friends. That’s why he deserves both.

tnaks808: Do you have any character types/professions you haven’t played yet and want to in the future?
Constance Zimmer: I would like to play a swimsuit model.
Shiri Appleby: I want to play a lawyer.

achan017: Do you think Rachel’s story will develop more in the show? And do u like playing Rachel?
Shiri Appleby: Rachel’s story definitely gets developed more as the season goes on. And I love playing Rachel. She’s one of the most well-rounded, complicated, complex characters I’ve ever had the chance to play.

ahicks83: You both do a lot of work together and the scenes you share are full of complicated emotion and you each bring such incredible depth to these very flawed women. I get the feeling Quinn would go to great lengths to protect Rachel, but she also continually pushes Rachel near her breaking point. Do you think there is a real friendship between them or are they just using one another for personal gain?
Constance Zimmer: I would say that there is 100% a real relationship between them. I also think they’re using each other. I also think that they can’t be without each other. And that is the true struggle.
Shiri Appleby: I think it’s both. Definitely both. And I think in certain moments, the friendship holds more weight, and then in other moments, Quinn’s desire to create a good television show outweighs her loyalty to Rachel as a human being. And Rachel is really a pawn in Quinn’s scheme.

casamundo: When acting professionally, how do you balance who you really as a person when you’re constantly stepping in out of characters? Do you have a specific “routine” for preparing and coming out of each role that allows you to meditate, relax, reflect, and regain a sense of self?
Shiri Appleby: Constance and I have both been doing this for a really long time. So I think we’ve become good at separating. And when we leave set, we’re really not the type of actresses to bring it home with us. And I’d say for the most part in my acting life, I don’t really go from job-to-job. I work a lot, but I always have time to be with my friends and family, so that my identity is the strongest character I play.
Constance Zimmer: When the director says “cut,” my character stays on the set.

Frajer: Shiri – was it fun working on Life Unexpected? Constance – what is your best Entourage memory?
Shiri Appleby: Life Unexpected was one of the best experiences. We really became a family. We’re still very close. And when i say “we,” I mean writers, producers, all of the actors. And the material was SO heartfelt. It was the show about people trying to become a family, and i really loved every single day on that set.
Constance Zimmer: My best ENTOURAGE memory – again, I just like to go back to saying my best memories are the memories when I was able to be with ALL of the cast. But the most fun we had was when we were all pretending we were at Cannes, me with everybody around the table, and it was just so fun because we all to sit around a table and pretend we were at Cannes but we were really at Malibu.

buerns: Hi Constance, Which was your favorite Entourage character? (apart from you, of course 😉)
Constance Zimmer: Well, I’m very partial to Ari Gold. I did think Jeremy was so flawless in that part.

Adchedl: Shiri, i love you. Can you describe Max/Liz in one word?
Shiri Appleby: DESTINED!

BrodyApproved: What does your guys’ ideal breakfasts consist of?
Constance Zimmer: My husband’s homemade granola mixed with yogurt and fresh fruit.
Shiri Appleby: My husband’s pancakes, from his new restaurant, Jon & Vinny’s on Fairfax.

barr445: Have you ever had a funny “America’s Funniest Home Videos” type blooper on the set? Like accidentally hitting someone or tripping or something?
Shiri Appleby: Constance and I just had an America’s Funniest Home Video trying to give an interview. Somebody fell into the pool accidentally while we were filming at the Mansion. One of the crew members.

Ulysses_S_A: Do you think this season will do a history of each character with out all the action of the show around each character? As who they were before Everlasting.
Constance Zimmer: We didn’t have the time to dive in that deeply with everyone. But I know that there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes information on the characters on the website, at http://www.mylifetime.com/shows/unreal/

Otaku3173: Life Unexpected was such a great show and it makes me sad it’s gone. Are there any things you know that are like it? Everything about it was great from the characters to the setting and the writing was all PERFECT!

LittleCoyotesReign: Hi Shiri, I just recently started watching Life Unexpected and I absolutely love you in it. And I love you in UnReal. In all of your roles, what has been the most challenging and which has been your favorite?
Shiri Appleby: I think my most challenging role – I really think Rachel on UnREAL has been my most challenging, because she’s so complicated. I think the most exciting role i had was playing Natalia on GIRLS.

Robi_PhoneutriaFera: What you think of this increase in female characters on TV shows?
Shiri Appleby: It’s about time.

tnaks808:Favorite frozen snack/ice cream? Mine’s shave ice :)
Constance Zimmer: I love shave ice.
Shiri Appleby: My favorite is mint chocolate chip ice cream.
Constance Zimmer: I will always choose shave ice over ice cream.

tyronepi9: If either of you could make up your own superheroine, what would her background/powers be?
Constance Zimmer: Her powers would be strength without having to have muscles… she would be able to read people’s minds… and she would be able to run in high heels!
Shiri Appleby: I would love to know what people are REALLY thinking when they are telling you something else. And I would also like to know what everyone’s insecurities are.

airforce20: Funniest slapstick scene you’ve ever scene in a movie/tv show?
Constance Zimmer: Any of the scenes in any of the Monty Python movies!
Shiri Appleby: Everything Steve Martin’s in.

ahicks83: Shiri, Rachel has had interactions with a lot of the contestants. Do you think she has a favorite?
For both of you, if you were a viewer of Everlasting who would you be rooting for?

Shiri Appleby: OOooh. That’s a very good question. I think that Rachel really has a soft spot in her heart for Faith. And Shiri personally has a soft spot in her heart for Grace.
Constance Zimmer: I would be rooting for Faith.

Adchedl: Shiri – do you have some other project besides Unreal?
Shiri Appleby: I don’t, but Constance does!

Ulysses_S_A: Shiri, I can identify with your character. So much of life is just insane (B.S.)but we all have to deal with it in our own ways. I like wine. Care to share yours?
Shiri Appleby: I just try to remember that everything will come and go, and when all else fails, I vent to Constance, and she tells me that my life is going ok.

Flungoutofspace: TV is such a great landscape for women in terms of stories and characters, unlike the film industry. Why do both of you think TV has such leverage on the film industry when it comes to women/women’s stories?
Shiri Appleby: There’s a lot more television shows being made right now than movies. And there’s more opportunity to take risks. Television shows don’t cost as much as a lot of features do. And right now, the film industry is making a lot of sequels and superhero movies. But when it comes time for awards season, the awards that get the most attention are usually best actress and best supporting actress category.
And quite honestly, there’s not as many women running studios making decisions about what kinds of movies are getting made as opposed to men.