Fan-Fiction: “Everloving” – Part 4

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We added a new part of Memory Echo’s fanfiction “Everloving”. The Liz & Max story is set in “Graduation”, after Liz accepted Max’s proposal. Part 4: The Perilous Path to Bliss contains references to “Pilot”, “Sexual Healing”, “The end of the world” and “White Room”.

Title: “Everloving”

Rating: MATURE

Disclaimer: Written for love, not for profit. Although they are in my heart, these characters do not legally belong to me. They belong to: Melinda Metz and Laura Burns who created them, Jason Katims who developed them, 20th Century Fox Television and Regency Television who produced them and the WB and UPN who broadcasted them.

Summary: Set in “Graduation”, after Liz accepted Max’s proposal. Here’s my take on what could’ve happened before the camera faded out. […]


Part 1: As Above, so Below
Part 2: Succumbing to the Euphoria
Part 3: Cemented
Part 4: The Perilous Path to Bliss

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