Fan-Fiction: “Everloving” – Part 3

The wait is over: A new part of Memory Echo’s fanfiction “Everloving” was just released on and thanks to the author, you can find her story on, too!

The Liz & Max story is set in “Graduation”, after Liz accepted Max’s proposal. The third part is entitled “Cemented” and contains references to “Pilot” and tons of other episodes.

Caveat Lector: Despite the title, you will not find graphic descriptions of sex here… Just my interpretation of what the ‘cementing’ could be. So that there’s no misunderstandings later. ;) And yes, I’m well aware how unpopular my opinion is on this matter. You’re welcome to tell me your opinions. I’ll be more than happy to read them all! :D

Return to Liz’s balcony for a while and enjoy the company of your favorite characters and find out what could’ve happened before the camera faded out:


Part 1: As Above, so Below
Part 2: Succumbing to the Euphoria
Part 3: Cemented

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