B+T Fans! Let’s Try Something New!

By • Aug 12th, 2016 • Category: Baron And Toluca


It’s time us fans who use Facebook get in on some B+T action too!

While the campaign team works on something of a more formal platform to get all social media platforms united (stay tuned) it’s NOT fair that those that don’t’ use Twitter can’t BandTogether on the B+T fun!


On Facebook: Write on your wall on August 13 @ 6PM EST. To find out when 6PM EST according to your location click on this link. Everyone must write this globally on their FB walls, at the same time for us to get the attention of Netflix:

“@netflix – the people have spoken! Give us the show B+T!!!! @baronandtoluca www.baronandtoluca.com #NETFLIXforBandT”

All we ask is, when friends ask you about your message on your wall 
on Facebook point to you about the campaign Majandra and Brendan are doing at www.baronandtoluca.com and urge if they have Twitter account to feel free and join the campaign or at least spread the word. Feel free to also post the message in your native language should you feel it will appeal to the masses!

If you use Tumblr, Instagram etc. get some cool pics out and 

Just make sure you do so on Saturday August 13 @ 6pm EST too!

I hope this makes those that wanted to be a part of it more included. We’re all one Roswell family and we got your back!


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