Join The Roswell Gift Exchange

The signups for the 1st Roswell Gift Exchange are open! Please visit Roswell Gift Exchange on Tumblr and find out more about this unique and fun gift exchange, which was started by rosweldrmr and guerins.

The Gift Exchange is basically combining the love of Roswell, fanart and the goal to make another fan happy with a digital creation. It is also an amazing idea to spice up the fandom.

From the FAQ: What kind of gift can I create?

Fanfic (at least 1,000 words & must be beta’d)
Graphic/Edit (at least 2 images)
Gifset (at least 8 gifs)
Fanvid (at least 1 min long)
Fanmix (at least 10 tracks & have cover art)
Fanart (must be finished by the deadline)
Others (Ex: Poems) If you have other suggestions, don’t hesitate to propose something.

The important thing to remember is no matter what you create, you should put some time and effort into it. At least 5 hours of creation time should go into any gift you create.

Signups open today (October 19th) and will close on October 31st. Please submit the form before then. The gifts are due by January 6th, 2017 and all ships/characters welcome! Visit Roswell Gift Exchange where you can find much more information.

Make sure to join now and make a fellow fan happy with a gift.