Baron And Toluca

Made With Love, Not For Self Gain

It is always a joy and pleasure to receive positive feedback on the graphics and artwork, in general, I created for the Baron And Toluca fan campaign. They were created for the purpose to share on social media, forums, and websites to spread the word on this amazing project.

No credit is necessary, just a fair use.

I had the best time taking photos, video clips and getting creative over the past summer. It was fun to do it for a project I believe in. Somehow or another I have witnessed and am deeply saddened to see some so-called fan(s) who want to take advantage of the postcards I created for the B+T campaign and someone decided to download and sell them for their own gain and profit. The sole reason for the creation was to gain attention to Baron And Toluca and to provide another option for fans world-wide to participate in the campaign and show their dedication for the project.

While I know that if you put something online you’ve got no control on who downloads the artwork and what they do with it. Yes I could put a huge watermark on everything I created, but I think it disturbs the design and since I don’t own the official photo material from the B+T photo shooting, I would never claim them as my own, and neither should anyone else.

But I do own the copyright to the additional photos I used for the postcards and campaign graphics. The B+T honey and tea postcards feature the glass tea cups I inherited from my grandmother. For the little photo shooting I printed tags for the tea bags, did some handicraft work, retouching and created print ready PDF’s to not only show my dedication, but to create something well thought through and high quality artwork to use.

I think it is disturbing, that someone not only took advantage of the artwork, but felt it was ok to sell them. This is not acceptable and I hope that the website will be taken down sooner or later.

All the B+T cards cards were found on a website with the option to buy them. Please don’t buy B+T postcards, if you can download them for free on! (Download Pre-Mades) You can download them for private use anytime… you can post them anywhere in order to promote B+T and it would be amazing, if you’d send them to Netflix or Hulu.

I never gave permission, and the whole team including myself and my friends from @RoswellBack never tried to enrich ourselves via the campaign. Everything has been created on a non-profit basis and I did not allow anyone to sell the graphics I created. If you see those postcards in a shop, please contact me and include the website address.

For your convenience you can find all official social media pages here:

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I want to take this opportunity to let you know that my friends from the Roswell Back Team had to face imposters and trolls that are connected to that website that tries to make profit out of fan creations. Please note that they use “Roswell Back”, “We want Roswell Back” and similar wordings, but they are in no way shape or form affiliated to Nomi and Debby and they are deeply upset about the confusion so in an effort to clarify please understand that is not their site nor do they want anything to do with it.

If you recently joined the IndieVue Live & Interactive screening of the B+T, it happened again:

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