Roswell Re-Watch – Graphics For Your Twitter Page

You are going to rewatch “Roswell”? Please show your support for the latest #RoswellRewatch and #RoswellMovie campaign by decorating your Twitter page.

Below you can find four Header Graphics as well as Profile Pictures. The first two pictures are best, if you would like to keep your current photo. If you like to use one of the fitting Profile Pictures choose one of the other graphics.

Grab your DVD box set and enjoy a trip to Roswell, New Mexico and introduce Liz, Max, Isabel, Maria, Michael, Alex, Kyle, and Tess to your friends who missed the series when it originally aired.

The more friends who discover and love “Roswell”, the more new fans would buy a movie ticket.

Will “Roswell” become their newest fandom? We would love to know when your friends beg you, “Just one more?” Check out this link and find out more about the Roswell Re-Watch: Friends = Fans campaign.

Graphics for your Twitter page

Add the graphic to your Twitter page

Please chose your favorite Twitter Header graphic and save the picture on your desktop. Then head on over to, login and click on Settings in the main menu on top of your Twitter page.

In the sidebar on the left you can find the menu item Profile. Click on “Change Header” and upload the photo you previously saved on your desktop. There is no need to change the position or size of the photo, just click on “Apply” and you are done.

In this menu you can change your profile picture, too!

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