Roswell Re-Imagining – The CW Will Make Their Decision Soon

Flight delays or being stuck on an airplane is annoying, but making the best out of this situation often brings Twitter into the game. This time, Carina MacKenzie, used the waiting time for a Twitter Q&A and answered burning fan questions. “I’m stuck on an airplane that’s stuck on the runway AGAIN. Do you guys even have any questions left to ask me?”, she wrote.

Some “Roswell” related questions were among the things her followers wanted to know from the writer. As you might know, a show based on the Melinda Metz book series “Roswell High” is currently in development and in a couple of weeks, she will find out if the network is going to pick up her pilot script of the re-imagining.

If any the original cast will appear on the show is too early to talk about. When asked, “If you cast any actor in your pilot who would it be?“, Carina replied: “Colin Woodell as always”

“How nervous are you about Roswell? I have faith you will do it justice btw.” was the final question related to the project. “Right now the important people are making important decisions, sooooo I haven’t been sleeping.” she replied honestly.

Find some related posts below and check back for news about the project.

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