Re-Imagining Roswell: Welcome to the Crashdown Cafe

On March 19th, Michael Trevino took fans of The CW’s “Roswell” re-imagining behind the scenes, but he made sure to show just a glimpse at the set. In the short video we can see some guests, alien cookies and the restaurant has a black and white tile floor with red chairs. In addition to the clips the actor, who plays Kyle Valenti, shared a look at the Crashdown menu.

The menu cover reads: “Welcome to the Crashdown Cafe – A Roswell tradition for over 40 years!“ It also reveals the logo of the café. Besides a rocket in dive it has “Burgers, Fries, Shakes“ written on it.

The props we saw in the short video clips are real cookies and cupcakes. After filming, the treats were given away in front of the restaurant. Thanks to Dana Childs we got a closer look at the sweet decoration of the cupcakes: Rockets, planets, and aliens. We also know how the Crashdown Café looks from the outside. He shared several photos of the building which was morphed from a local diner to the Crashdown restaurant.

Photo by Dana Childs Photo by Dana Childs Photo by Dana Childs

We are not sure if the ‘cowboy breakfast’ is on that menu too, but locals and tourist will surely enjoy a Sigourney Weaver burger with avocado and sprouts or a Will Smith burger with jalapeño peppers and cheese. Not to mention those mouth-watering sweets for dessert. We have to wait and see. We are also looking forward to an extended look at the interior.

If they will geared to the “Roswell High” books the “Close Encounters theme“ is going to play when the restaurant door swings open and there are flying saucer shaped booths.

Many thanks to Dana Childs for the photos!