“Roswell, NM” – The Writers

In the latest Twitter Q&A with Carina Adly MacKenzie, the showrunner of The CW’s ”Roswell, New Mexico” answered many questions. If you missed it, please head on over to Twitter and scroll through the questions and answers or check out the TV Writing Q&A here on Crashdown.

We also got a look at the writers who finished their first week in the writing room yesterday. Writer Kamran Pasha shared a photo of the team on social media and he captured the photo “Honored to be joining the incredible team of writers on CW’s new show, #Roswell, New Mexico @CWRoswellNM!”.

Maybe it’s a little bit early, but @RoswellWriters could be the official Twitter handle of the “Roswell, New Mexico” writers. This hasn’t been confirmed, yet. Thanks to our friends from @Charmed_Fever on Twitter for the hint.

Make sure to follow Kamran Pasha on Twitter already. The writers room started on June 4th with the cast and crew being expected to start filming in Santa Fe in August.