Roswell, NM – Recovering the Satellites

“Recovering the Satellites” is the 2nd album by the Counting Crows as well as the title of the final episode of  “Roswell, New Mexico”. Fans of the original series might remember, that the band was featured several times on The WB show, too … but Max Evans only ever listens to the Counting Crows when he is really upset. We can’t wait to see what this song will mean for Max and Liz from this version.

Showrunner and writer Carina Adly MacKenzie came up with the story for the episode, which she wrote with Eva McKenna. They also composed the second episode “So Much For the Afterglow” and episode six “Smells Like Teen Spirit” together. Roswell writer Kristen Haynes is thrilled about the last script they have written for the show’s first season. She wrote: “I wanted to send the writers of the #RoswellNM Season 1 finale screenshots of my favorite moments, but it would have just ended up being the whole script. Huge congrats @possiblyawitch & @cadlymack 💕”, which is a huge compliment and makes us very curious .

For the last episode of the season, Julie Plec is back on board, too. She directed the pilot for the CW’s re-imagining before she continued working on her own show for the network. Julie Plec started prepping already.

As always, you can go behind the scenes with the cast and crew. Follow them on social-media and you might get some exclusive sneak peeks.

“Roswell, NM” premieres January 15th on The CW.

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