Roswell 20: Roswell – In Its Original Form

Music not only supports a scene. Music amplifys feelings. Music evokes emotions within us. Music sets the mood, and it can boost our mood. Music affects our minds and souls. Music brings fans together. Music creates memories.

It just takes four chords of Dido’s “Here With Me” and the opening theme of ROSWELL starts playing in your inner eye. Some songs can trigger memories, connect them of your days at High School, college, concerts, parties or situations – or remind you of scenes and fictional characters on TV shows.

You will surely agree that the music on The WB/UPN’s ROSWELL is special and truly an uncredited leading character of the show.

Well picked songs, many unknown artists, indie vibes, and amazingly fitting to the adventures and events our favorite inhabitants of the infamous city in New Mexico. If you discovered this cult hit after its three season run you sadly never saw the show like it ought to be seen.

Please join Leonard and discover in depth information on the changed music and the way ROSWELL was meant to be.

This is a pre-released article of our Roswell Turns 20 special.

Roswell – In Its Original Form


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