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B+T Info from the IG Live

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On May 17th, while Brendan was waiting to meet a buddy, he took the time to go live to give some updates about the B+T campaign and their upcoming trip to Roswell. He and Majandra are officially attending the UFO Festival and they have so much more planned for their fans.

Read more about their official UFO Festival program here and check the official website for more news and updates. Majandra and Brendan are going to have some exciting and full packed days ahead of them. They are going on breakfast dates with groups of fans, lunch and there are two open group events, …

It will be a once in a lifetime experience. Proceeds go to the filming of Baron and Toluca and Majandra and Brendan want to give us the most kick ass show they can possibly give us.

Watch the full live from May 17 here.

Continue reading for some info mentioned in the live below.

Indiegogo Perks

At the moment of the IG Live, Brendan shared that Majandra received the B+T posters they sold via Indiegogo and those will be sent out by her after she signed them. We’ve seen a few posts by happy fans, who shared their already framed Toluca and Baron posters with the world. If you didn’t receive yours, it might be on the way too!

Everything else should be sent out too.

B+T Mugs, Hats, Limited edition of T-Shirts

The exclusive mugs won’t be available before the event in Roswell but you can pre-order them and there are going to be hats as well. According to Brendan, the hats are “super cool” and there is going to be a patch on them but no other details were revealed. Fans in attendance of the B+T events are going to be the first ones who will get the chance to get them. There will also be a limited edition of t-shirts.

Photos – Nostalgia Hits Hard

Brendan found photos of some promos he and Majandra did for Roswell’s season one and season three and Brendan is going to reprint those. He showed a first glimpse of one of the photos on Thursday and fans were in Candy-heaven for sure.

Please visit this post on Brendan’s Instagram and give the photo a like.

Reserve Your Spot

Also, a few spots for the B+T private events are still open so please don’t hesitate to contact, if you want to spend some quality time with your favorite actors. “We want to spend time with you guys but we also want to get in as many of you in as we can. For the fans and to raise money,” Brendan says in the live.

The proceeds of their private events and mini experiences are going into the B+T project. Brendan teases that they may have an auction and raffle at the fan events and they might include all the fans, who can’t be there with a live video.

Can’t go? They got you?

Brendan mentions many times to fans on his post that they will be available to those who can’t go to Roswell. To pre-order and reserve this one-of-a-kind picture, a B+T hat or shirt and email so that Brendan can set your preferred items aside.


At the 4:56 minute mark, Brendan addresses some questions about masks and vaccination. If you have proof that you are vaccinated, you don’t have to wear a mask. If not, please wear a mask. “This is about people and health and we want everyone to be comfortable.” Be sure to watch all here.

Photos: B+T promo, and Albert Antony on Unsplash

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