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Meet Majandra and Brendan in ROSWELL *UPDATE*

** UPDATE May 17: The open group event dates are July 1st and 2nd.**

Five days ago, Brendan Fehr teased it in his Instagram Live: UFO Festivities! are on the way!!

More information were released today.

Brendan and Majandra are attending this years “UFO Festival” in Roswell, New Mexico. While the festival runs from July 2-5th, 2021 they will be there from the 1st-3rd*. (*This might be extended to July 4th. Source: IG Live, May 17, 2021)

There are fun events planed, and the two actors are putting some private events and mini experiences for the “dans” and “candy” fans together, that are not officially affiliated with the festival as well.

Please read more about it below, get your tickets, reserve your spot and email them as soon as possible. It will be a once in a lifetime experience.

Brendan will also be teeing it up for the golf tournament in the morning on July 3rd. You can get 10% off an adult VIP ticket with the promo code “brendan”: PROMO CODE: brendan

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JULY 1st (location TBD but after the opening ceremonies at around 8:30pm) – an open group event where we may screen Brendan’s previously unreleased movie “ONLY I…” or play bingo. Who knows? But we will confirm. The cost is $125 and that is for a limited edition hat, shirt and photo (designed by Brendan). Legally the screening is free but you have to buy the swag to get in. ;)

JULY 2nd (location TBD, time 8pm-ish) – the second of our open group events. We will rewatch the pilot of Roswell followed by Q&A. This is $125 for a limited edition hat, shirt and photo. And again, the screening is “free” but you’re required to buy the merch to get in.

***If you wish to attend both events, it’s only $200 (and no, you don’t get 2 hats and 2 shirts, etc.).***


***Availble from July 1st-3rd***

There are also mini experiences you can schedule with them from the 1st to the 3rd. Breakfast, lunch or dinner? Spacewalk? Play cards? Grab a coffee or beer with two of them? Let’s do it. These experiences are $350 per (min. 3 people, max depending on activity. 1 hr. min.). Go grab your friends and chow down on some green chile hot dogs with these #saladtossers. The number of these we can do are limited. If you want to be apart of one but are solo or just another dynamic duo, we can join you with others to make it happen.

And here’s the deal, this $350 gets you the swag (and a meal) but it also gets you into one of the group events for free. It also gives you a discount for the second group event at $50.

So for $400, you can eat with Brendan and Majandra, or go for a walk, grab a coffee and attend both open group events and get the swag!

Again, all monies go to the filming of Baron and Toluca to give you the most kick ass show we can possibly give you! The spots are filling up quick so be sure to email with any questions or to reserve your spot, get your swag and meet us down in ROSWELL!!!!


– Brendan & Majandra

Photos: B+T promo, and Albert Antony on Unsplash