Baron And Toluca

Fill Em Up!

This Saturday at 3PM EST please join us for a social media frenzy as we help campaign and spread the word for Fans all around the world to buy their ATX tickets to view the B+T Premiere in Austin!

We want all the dans and sci-fi fans to hear the news and get the opportunity to attend this first screening. Let’s fill up the whole theater with Dan Love from around the world!


Where: ATX TV Festival Season 11 (2022)
When: Friday, June 3rd, 2022 at 10 AM CDT
Venue: Stateside Theatre (Congress Ave), which seats 1200 dans
The ATX Television Festival takes place from June 2-5, 2022. Buy your Badge now!

Tweet-a-thon- will be on Saturday May 14th 3PM EST. Here is the time chart below to know when to tweet.

Time Chart

City Time Zone Date Time
Honolulu HST UTC-10 Saturday May 14th 9:00 AM
San Francisco PDT UTC- 7 Saturday May 14th 12:00 PM
Denver MDT UTC- 6 Saturday May 14th 1:00 PM
Chicago CDT UTC-5 Saturday May 14th 2:00 PM
New York EDT UTC -4 Saturday May 14th 3:00 PM
Rio de Janeiro BRT UTC -3 Saturday May 14th 4:00 PM
UTC UTC Saturday May 14th 7:00 PM
London BST UTC +1 Saturday May 14th 8:00 PM
Vienna CEST UTC +2 Saturday May 14th 9:00 PM
Mumbai IST UTC +5.5 Sunday May 15th 12:30 AM
Singapore SGT UTC +8 Sunday May 15th 3:00 AM
Tokyo JST UTC +9 Sunday May 15th 4:00 AM
Sydney AEST UTC +10 Sunday May 15th 5:00 AM
Auckland NZST UCT +12 Sunday October 10th 7:00 AM

Here are some examples of phrases you could use for the Tweet-a-thon and for all social media posts following the twitter event.


  • Let’s show Austin how many dans there are! Fill up those seats and order your ticket here : Use code BTATX15 and checkout.
  • The Dans are headed to Austin! B+T is premiering at ATX TV Festival, and this is your reminder to grab your ticket before they sell out! Visit and use code BTATX15 and checkout.
  • Sci-Fi lovers, headed to the ATX Festival? Watch the paranormal mystery of B+T, in their pilot premiere June 3rd at 10 AM CDT #baronandtoluca #atx #scifi
  • #Scifi fans! Don’t miss the premiere of #BaronAndToluca at the ATX TV Festival on June 3rd at 10 AM CDT. B+T are the new paranormal team you didn’t know you needed! Buy your badge now & use BTATX15 for a discount!
  • You LOVE #Roswell #eastereggs and nods to science-fiction shows, books, and movies? Watch the premiere of #BaronAndToluca at the ATX TV Festival on June 3rd at 10 AM CDT. Badges and single tickets are available now!

Follow up

After the Twitter-thon (if you haven’t done so already), from now till the event on June 3rd please campaign daily and promote the premiere of the B+T Pilot and encourage fans and dans all over social media to purchase their tickets! Don’t forget to use these hashtags in your posts too:
#BandT #BaronandToluca #FillEmUp #ATXFestival #BandTDoAustin

Get your Tweetdeck, Buffer, and Hootsuite devices ready, if you can’t live tweet.

Create video’s, fanart, and posts to help create the buzz from now till June 3rd. We see a lot of dans have already done so. Great job! Let’s not stop. #wontstopcantstop :)

Let’s fill up the Paramount Theater in Austin, Texas.- The DANS are coming! LET’S DO THIS.

Photo: The Paramount Theater in Austin, TX where the B+T pilot will be premiering. Courtesy of Brendan Fehr’s Instagram.