Baron And Toluca

Baron + Toluca: ATX TV Festival Premiere Review

Written by Laura Ramirez

Full disclosure- I am a dan. Not quite a hardcore dan (I won’t be featured as an extra and I have not Zoomed with Majandra or Brendan), but I did purchase the sticky pages and a tank from their Indiegogo campaign. Plus I have an Instagram account heavy with B+T edits.

With that said, Baron and Toluca did not disappoint. Honestly, it exceeded all my expectations.

As I sat in the Paramount theatre in Austin at the ATX TV festival, I was excited with anticipation of finally seeing Baron and Toluca come to life. I had read all the blurbs available online, and seen the teaser trailers. However, I still wasn’t sure what exactly to expect. This feeling of “what is B+T going to be like?” continued as the film began to roll. The first fifteen minutes or so, the viewers are getting to know Baron and Toluca, the washed up actors, struggling to get by. The real essence of what B+T could become hits full speed once (*spoilers*) it seems as though Baron and Toluca get abducted and have returned. From there, the vibe is set, and holy smokes, the viewer is in for a wild ride.

The show has so much promise, and the pilot delivered what the fans wanted and more. The chemistry between Majandra Delfino and Brendan Fehr is Hollywood gold- on the screen and behind the scenes as writer and director. Arthur Martinez’s performance only enhanced the duo, by adding a little friction, yet seamlessly fitting in with Delfino and Fehr without feeling like a third wheel. It is important to note, Micah Fowler and Skeeta Jenkins performances, while brief, left me on the edge of my seat- not just wanting more, but needing more.

The show left the viewer satisfied, yet hungry for more. One review said the pilot had too much going on. I would disagree. As far as pilots go, it showed the audience that the plot was well thought out and offered viewers staying power. How often do many of us get hooked on a show, and then the second season goes downhill because the writers were short sighted? Majandra Delfino knows what she is doing. Based on what we have seen in the pilot, this is a show that will get better and better with time, especially with a proper budget.

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